Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Forest Gardening

I am going to build a forest garden and film it. 

Building a Forest Garden

The reason a forest garden is something everyone should do is because after the initial effort you have a garden for life that takes five minutes or less work a day to maintain. It is an edible/medicinal forest, it is beautiful. It can supply all your food, year round.

You can buy great books on Forest Gardening here
Including 'Edible Forest Gardens' 

First Step:- Look at your garden and learn the areas of sun, shade, the soil type (clay/acid, sandy, alkali/chalky) exposure.

Second Step:- Choose your plants. The Forest Garden uses a three tiered approach. Ground cover/salad vegatables are in the first layer, they flower early, before the bigger shrubs/trees come into leaf and shade them out. Then shrubs/fruit like raspberries and blackberries and finally trees.

Eventually you have a mini-edible/wild and medicinal forest. I have a whole crop of Goji Berries seedlings to plant. Already we have Raspberries, Cherries, Apples and Pears as well as Grape. We have Hawthorn, Sloeberry/Blackthorn, Oak, Hazel, Lilac, Tamarisk and Cedar. I like
 wild flowers and we have three wide meadows of grass. So I am beginning my Forest Garden with small circles of wild flower that will self-seed later on, surrounded by and intermingled with herbs and salad, vegatables. Then I'll encircle these with the fruit bushes and finally trees grown from cuttings. I'll post a video here showing the process as soon as it's done! Obviously it will be a baby forest garden. 

This is what our garden looks like now:-

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