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'Navigation Using the Sun' Guest Article by Mark Bradshaw

'Where am I ?'

A basic introduction to a few methods of ROUGH direction finding using the position and movement of the sun in the sky.

The sun rises in the east and it sets in the west. In the northern hemisphere at 1200 local time it is due south, at 0600 it is due east and at 1800 it is due west. Its travel across the skies is constant, it neither speeds up or slows down - so with those irrefutable facts determined we can work out the position of the sun in the sky using only the time of day.
We are going to look at three methods of finding the suns position; each method takes longer, and is more accurate, than the last.

Instant Method
• Ensure your (analogue) watch is set to local or solar time.
• Keeping the watch face horizontal point the hour hand as accurately as possible at the sun.
• An imaginary line that exactly bisects the angle between the hour hand and the 12 O’clock
position on the watch points due SOUTH.
• Continue that line in the opposite direction and you have north.
• Mark north with a stick or stone before you move around and lose its position.

The higher the sun is in the sky the more difficult it can be to determine its
Practice this skill when you have a compass handy so you become proficient without having to think too much about what you are doing, and practice without using a watch but visualising a clock face.
Even when you have a map and compass available you can use this method to make sure you don’t make one of those very common and embarrassing ‘180 degree’ errors, we have all been there!
Develop the ability to use this method as you walk, it is a great way of
checking your navigation on the fly.
Be aware, this is northern hemisphere specific, it is possible to do in the southern hemisphere but the technique is completely different.

Hasty Method
As good as the Instant Method is it has a couple of failings, if you
cannot see the sun for clouds or mist it is unusable, it relies on a
humans accuracy in pointing the watch in the correct direction, and
without knowledge of the correct time you are stuck!
This second method overcomes all those potential pitfalls but it has a
couple of its own; it is only slightly more accurate than the first method
and it needs 20 minutes or so to complete. Its big plus point is that it
works so long as the sun is strong enough to create a shadow.
• Place a straight stick vertically in the ground and mark clearly
where the end of the shadow is cast.
• After a period of time, the longer the better, place a second stone where the shadow now falls.
• The line between the two stones is the West-East line.
Don’t make the relatively common mistake of transposing the two and getting things horribly wrong. Just remember the sun travels from East to West so the shadow moves West to East!

Deliberate Method
The third and most accurate method. Key for this last method of determining direction to work is that it is started before midday and ended after. The longer before and after you take the measurements the more accurate you can be.

•Before noon place a stick in the ground in a similar way as for the
previous method.
•Mark the point where the shadow cast by the sun ends with a
•Using a piece of string as a guide scribe an arc around the stick
creating a circle where the first stone rests on the circumference.
•Watch while the shadow shortens, moves east and then lengthens
•Mark the point where the shadow again intersects the arc with a
second stone.
•The line between the two stones is the West-East line.

Important Considerations
All times mentioned in this article are Solar Time, you may need to make adjustments for Daylight Savings Time and similar.
Unfortunately the sun, or more accurately the Earth, does not behave as we wish it might because it tilts on its axis so is not constantly over the equator. If you are in, or near, the tropics (defined as areas of the Earth where the sun is directly overhead at some point in the year) it may be impossible to determine North or South using the instant method. Keep in mind that the two solstices are when the sun is furthest from the equator and the two equinoxes are when it is directly over it.

The Arctic and Antarctic circles are the two areas where the sun refuses to set at midsummer and does not rise in midwinter. There is very little hope of judging the rise and fall enough to navigate by, it gets worse - because the sun is visible at night you will make a 180 degree error if you try these methods when it ‘should’ be dark!
Please practice these methods before you use them, trying to remember if the stones mark East - West or West - East as the smoke is still rising from your vehicle would not be a comfortable situation to find yourself in.

Mark Bradshaw writes of himself:-Born in Manchester, I joined the army at 16 after rebelling against an education that was better than I deserved. I served as a tank gunner before moving into reconnaissance where I became a section commander. I completed soviet studies at the intelligence school at Ashford in Kent then did a stint at the International Long Range Reconnaissance School in Weingarten. I also qualified as a Schools Instructor at the Royal Armoured Corps radio school in Bovington. In my spare time I climbed throughout Germany and Sardinia, and canoed from Guatemala to the Mexican Gulf through Belize. I also managed to spend several winters cross country skiing in Norway. I currently work for a UK Police force in the training department.
Some rights reserved Mark Bradshaw/Mountainboy 2007
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Music Therapy

The Ebers Papyrus

Imagine a medium of sound and environment which actually heals you. For thousands of years people have used sound as part of the healing process. The Ebers Papyrus from 1550BC one of the world's oldest known medical documents, it prescribes a variety of incantations that Egyptian Physicians chanted to heal the sick. Chants continue to be use today in all parts of the world and in various religious traditions - but how much do we actually know about what the effect of sound has upon our bodies?

All of us know the effect different sounds have on our state of mind. We know what a 'jarring' noise feels like and we know the quality of a 'soothing' sound. We also all have different tastes in music and use it just as film directors do to produce certain states within us. A good DJ can 'control' the vibration and mood of an entire Dance Club as unforutunately can a bad DJ.

'The lymph system (is) the special circulatory system where immune cells grow and "hang out" when they're off duty from battling the body's microscopic enemies... ...Researchers have discovered direct nerve links to sll the places that immune cells grow and cluster; the bone marrow, the thymus gland, the spleen and the lymph nodes. While attacking germs, the immune system may look like a microscopic guerrila squad. But like every winning army, the immune system's actions are highly co-ordinated by a commander-in-chief, the mind' Michael Castleman

The Body-Mind Link is further illustrated in the Buddhist tradition where meditations are accompanied by recital of sacred texts and sometimes elaborate visualisations with psycho/spiritual componens that modify and uplift the mind.

In Buddhist chants you can actually feel the results within your body as different channels of energy begin to open and move, and a master can heal people with certain chants like the Vajrasattva Mantra.

Sedative music that places no demand on a patient is said to have the best results. Most people know by now the results of an experiment using Mozart that elevated the IQ of the listeners from an average of 110IQ before to 119IQ afterwards. Other research has shown that playing music during operations has reduced the patient's need for anesthesia by 50%.

The opposite also is true, that background noise in a city 'raises blood pressure, ruins sleep and contributes to stress'.

Aristotle said 'The Soul's passions seem to be linked with the body, as the body undergoes modifications in their presence'. So be careful when you are choosing your environment and the sound that either assaults or caresses your ears because you are also choosing to have either a beneficial or deletorious affect on your body. With this in mind don't forget the power of music to cultivate health and enrich your life.

Here are two lists I've compiled the first is the slow more therapeautic one and I'm probably going to change it a lot. Please feel free to suggest music. I thought it would be great to compile something really healing so suggest away and I'll change the playlists below accordingly until we get one that's just right!
(having a bit of trouble finding the right code for blogger if you can help let me know, thanks Louise)

Below is a list of useful music.If you have enjoyed reading this site please help me to keep raising the standards by leaving a donation

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Anonymous 4. An English Ladymass; medieval chant and polyphony.
HarmoniaMundi, 1992.Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo De Silos. Chant. Angel Records, 1994.
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BecVar, Bruce. Take It To Heart. Shining Star Music, 1998.
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______________. Drone Zone, The Relaxation Company, 1996.Kay Gardner writes, “the drone, or long, uninterrupted tone of chord, is the basisof healing music, the bed on which all other healing musical elements lie.”Goldman, Jonathan. Chakra Chants. Etherean, 2000.
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This Article was written with quotes from Michael Castleman 'Nature's Cures' and Shirley Kaiser.

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Thursday, 21 June 2007

Depression, an unnecesessary ailment?

michelangelo's ceiling in the sistine chapel and the Pieta

Here are a few things I consider to be uneccessary ailments: Headaches, Flu, Arthritis, Hepatitis (any letter of the alphabet), Eczema, Asthma, Insomnia, Depression, Stomach Disorders, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (I.B.S), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - M.E or C.F.S, M.S, Diabetes, Cancer of the (anything). Some people might be a bit upset because I've called a terrible illness an ailment and then said it's unnecessary, as so many professional Doctors say 'it's incurable, you're going to die, it's very painful but sorry we can't give you anymore painkillers'. Well what I have to say to them is 'Get Stuffed' and rather loudly too because...

...there ARE solutions, there ARE answers, there ARE cures, there ARE simple treatments that WORK!So without further to do, and to alleveiate all you sufferers out there. Here they wait a minute... 'Who is this?' You're wondering, 'Are they qualified?, 'Do they know what they're talking about?'.

All I have ever been interested in is what WORKS, not what doesn't work, or what might work or what has side effects,; only what works. Read my 'About me' to find out a little about what I've got better from and how, and see my Myspace link there to find a truly horrible picture of me suffering as you do occasionally (or in a long term fashion) in a horrible suffery kind of way.

I have often wondered why, when there are stories all the world over of people having their miraculous cures why Packs of Doctors aren't hot on their tails like the Paparazzi and the headlines aren't 'Amazing Individual Cured of ---- (input various unnecessary ailment) because that's what should be happening in an ideal world, and God (Input own god/other----you pray to) knows 'An Ideal World' is where I'm building my house. That said in this and coming articles is a list of all the things I've used personally and daubed on other unsuspecting individuals to heal myself (and them), get better or otherwise look younger, jump around, climb mountains, grafitti billboards (and other forms of subvertising), scale buildings, look at fish in their own environment or whatever it is you might want to do with the prescious, beautiful, truly wonderful and delicious thing that-so-many-people-take-for-granted, quality called HEALTH. Health implies a scale; excellent, good-middling-bad-terrible-won't matter anymore tomorrow. Where do you want to be on that scale; where are you right now? Do you believe it's possible to be well, totally well? What qualifications have I got? I am qualified as a Homo sapien and have evolved from being a tiny blip in the space time continuum to where I am today which is probably still just a tiny blip in the space-time continuum, but we better not think about that had we or we might get depressed.

If you've done a search maybe you've looked up 'Depression' or 'treatment for depression' and maybe the search engine comes up with a very helpful list. Lets try it right now.

The first 'advert' says 'you might be nutritionally deficient' hey maybe they want to sell you some nutrition. The second tells you what it is, and gives you some broad good advice like 'eat whole foods, do cognitive therapy, take exercise'. The third from the Royal College of Psychiatrists gives a link to a very suppotive and practical advice brochure. So you've got your list of advice, now you have to 'motivate' yourself enough to do what it says on that page(s) and that's where some of us begin to fall down.

I mean maybe we didn't think it was depression and then slowly it dawned on us that it was, then the Doctor gives us drugs, but did anybody stop and say 'Why have you got depression?', and does even knowing the answer to this question do anything to make you feel better?

Try and explain to someone in a tribal/hunter gatherer society the words 'depression' and 'stress' and you'll have a very difficult job. They don't have any idea what you're talking about - maybe in terms of overcoming a challenge/physical hurdle of some sort, but that's it, they don't really get it. Why not? Because they don't get depression, they don't get stressed. They don't have bills to pay. They didn't have to get a mortgage to put a roof over their heads. They have always got someone to turn to. They know they're worth, because they have a purpose to fulfil within a social framework that recognizes and rewards them on a consistent basis. They don't have it easy, but I'm beginning to think that's not a bad thing, I mean I didn't want easy when I was a kid.

When I was a kid I wanted adventure; I wanted recognition for beating challenges. Perhaps not consciously but proving myself to myself was important. How strong was I? How far could I run? Was I clever, was I important? What was my special gift? What was I good at? Perhaps you never got to find the thing you're good at, boy that would be depressing. Or worse, you're really good at something but nobody knows because you became a ------- instead; why, because you had the rates/bills to pay, the kids had to eat/go to school, you're still paying for the car and now the credit cards have to be paid for. So nobody got to meet the next Michelangelo Buonarrotti/Picasso; (but we're waiting for you.) So you go on the internet and search for 'depression' well not really, because you don't actually want more of that do you? Seriously what's really stopping you from being happy, fulfilled and well? What is it? Why are kids going crazy, why are all these isolated individuals not being happy even though they can have everything money can buy? Why aren't you happy? I don't think that comes down to just being nutritionally deficient does it?Why is it that there are more searches for 'depression' than there are for movie stars. After all 'those famous people' they've got it all haven't they, but ten times more people check out 'depression' instead. That's seriously depressing.

'What's your name?'Imagine your name there in the search box on google/yahoo or whatever - imagine seeing the results come up for your name. Imagine what you want to see come up in those search results. Imagine what you would have wanted to see as a kid. Maybe it's 'Famous Astronaut' or 'Dancer - Broadway' or 'Wrote the top bestselling book worldwide' or 'achieved an Honours degree at Oxford'. le reve, Pablo Picasso 1932

Probably you're dreams have changed over the years maybe now, the dream you get to fulfil is to sit down with a cup of tea and biscuits now and then and watch your favorite program on TV; a program about someone else doing what they dreamed of, and then another program after that about how many people have been killed in horrible ways today. My professional advice is 'Turn off your TV' or have fun seeing how much you could sell it for on Ebay (though maybe you'd want to hang on to it to see yourself getting the Best Screenplay award at the Oscar Ceremony). Have even more fun by holding a 'How far can you throw your TV set Competition' in your garden, plus you get exercise, which, don't forget is good for depression.

Follow 'all' the advice you can find out about depression' the advice that feels kind. Notice I didn't say helpful, or professional, I said 'kind'. The biggest thing you need when you're depressed is 'kindness' and the person you most need to get that from is you. Once you are kind to yourself you can conquer all, you can get all the brochures, do all the exercises, take all the medicine (well perhaps not all of it). Doing everything is a surefire way of curing yourself, finding out everything is easy and I made sure the 'everything' that I knew was written in the top three seach results already so I don't have to repeat myself with the 'take St John's Wort and sign yourself up for a marathon or mountain climbing training program' to get better from depression or 'become an Outdoor Activity Instructor' which is what I did (it became a kind of Uplifting Immersion Course and it worked) though next time I would definitely drink less alcohol as now I know I'd have got quicker results (I was eighteen years old).

If you're reading this now, and you're depressed (I'm sorry), or have been depressed, do this right after you've finished reading; open a window, or go out to your doorstep - and breath some big lungfuls of air. Then come in again (because you might not want to do this in public) and jump up and down (or run round in circles if jumping is a sensitive subject) on the floor or a bed until you're in a sweaty mess and hurt. Then crawl to window and get more air, and maybe you need a glass of water. Then repeat process (all day if you've nothing else planned) until you're bored or exhausted (now this is important).Then come back and read the rest of this article. I said come back AFTER!. Now go jumping, you depressed person you.

If you're bored or exhausted from jumping, you're no longer depressed at least right in the moment of boredom/exhaustion. That's great, we've found out that one - you can do an activity for an extended period of time, so you can function, and two - that whatever you do if you keep doing it mechanically, you eventually get not-depressed; and if you're bored/exhausted from jumping then you know you can do something else/anything else. You've also helped your circulation, your lymphatics, your brain, your bones, joints and skin complexion; I'm sure there's more but anyway you've done something great for you. If you're bored doing jumping, you're not meant to be a Jumper, maybe there's something out there, that you won't get bored doing. You might take up the dream you've always had and just do that; but I'll bet that when 99.9% of us were kids there wasn't 1% that would have said of our dream 'I want to work in an Office from 9-5 when I grow up and then I want to get a Mortgage'. So if you're dream was 'I want to learn to be an underwater diver and then find treasure' and you're not doing that and you haven't even tried it, 'Come On!'

It's essential that you do something active, and yes do address your nutrition. Turn over every stone to make sure, you know more than the experts about how to beat depression - it would be silly if you've just got to eat more beans to be happy.

One last note, if all the depressed people in the world went to volunteer and stuff envelopes for charities, there would be a lot less suffering in the world and after a while there would be a lot less depression. One day you'll look back at the time you were depressed and, believe it or not, you'll laugh - why? Because you can. Just because you can and you'll also know that you know the right way to be kind, in the nicest possible Mary Poppins type way of being kind.

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'Prepare to be Raw' by Matthew Warner

Click here to view more details
Please check out and have an amazing life. Thanks.

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Sunday, 17 June 2007

Your highest potential?

Swayambhunath Temple This site has been growing really fast. I'm hoping to post Mark Bradshaw's article 'Orientating yourself by the sun' up soon. If you've just arrived at this page, you may be wondering exactly what this site is about. On the home page you'll find introductions to my most recent articles, but I would suggest searching my Categories for a clearer picture.

I am dedicated to something I've called 'Positive Impact Living'. It doesn't matter who or where you are or what circumstances you might be in, I'm posting 'practical' information here that will help you and I make a positive impact from within those circumstances. If I can inspire someone to be just a little bit positive, that's great. From the comments I'm receiving it's working and that's motivating me massively to persist in optimising this site for your/our benefit.

It's not positivity alone that I want to encourage, though this is an essential ingredient. There are skills that we as human beings are supposed to have to live well on this planet. They are skills that feed us with our optimum diet, ways of living that enable us to not only have the things we need but to feel the most 'alive' that we can possibly feel. Try to imagine just that - you feel the most 'alive' you have ever felt. Your body is buzzing with energy, your mind is clear, calm, focused. You have the confidence to achieve anything you put your mind to. Your body is luxuriating in feelings of exhilaration, potential and love. We should feel like this - all the time!

We shouldn't be putting up with low energy levels, headaches, blotchy skin or any of those complaints that so many people complain of, that's not even touching on illness.It is possible to live for a long time and in excellent health. It is possible to live without financial worries or burdens. It is possible to turn around from dullness, depression and any unfulfilled state and have the experience of fulfilment. Right now!

When I was little (and not so little) I was enthralled by magical tales. Magicians, witches, magical beasts, animals that could talk - they all filled my mind. The possibility of magic made me leap out of bed in the morning. My imaginary adventures took up days and weeks, months and years of my childhood.The boundary between reality and dreams was so thin then that I revelled in my own imagination - it made me feel ALIVE. It propelled me from the edges of my skin and perception to places that nourished my confidence and my soul.

If you are unhappy now, in any way - remember that place in you that really believes anything is possible. Anything is...

I'd love to find treasure. Real ancient treasure. I'd love to learn an ancient script and leaf through texts that bring forgotten civilisations to life. I'd love to build a boat and sail around Britain and then further. I'd love to travel across Europe and Asia on horseback. I'd love to live in the Himalayas and do a pilgrimage to where all the amazing teachers I have read and been told about achieved their own enlightenments. To go where Babaji, the immortal Yogi is said to wander and appear. To travel in the footsteps of Shabkar who began his journey with only a sheepskin coat as his possession which he gave away and then was later responsible for covering the temple in Kathmandu (with the eyes) in gold leaf. He sang many songs of Awakening. Then there are the Lung Gompas who are said to run long distances in trances - appearing to fly above the ground. The yogi who received a King while a Lion sat on one side of him and a deer on the other. Saint Frances who the animals loved. The Nepali Prince who practised levitation; his daughter brought him his lunch from the beginning of his practise to the point where she couldn't reach him!

The capabilities of awarenesses like telepathy, prediction, knowlege of the past and the future and curing of diseases are referred to as side-effects. They aren't even goals in themselves. There is an incredible state of Awareness or feeling 'alive' that many of us don't even consider.'Why not' I ask ? Why is it that millions of people have fought and died for us to have a freedom to do what? To not consider what our greatest potential might be?

We have a debt to pay to all of those living today and all of our ancestors who believed that there was something worth fighting and dying for. When I remember them and the manners of their lives; their stories and tragedies I can find no better reason to change my own life for the better - to fulfil my own potential, to touch my own destiny and turn it into gold.

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