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Music Therapy

The Ebers Papyrus

Imagine a medium of sound and environment which actually heals you. For thousands of years people have used sound as part of the healing process. The Ebers Papyrus from 1550BC one of the world's oldest known medical documents, it prescribes a variety of incantations that Egyptian Physicians chanted to heal the sick. Chants continue to be use today in all parts of the world and in various religious traditions - but how much do we actually know about what the effect of sound has upon our bodies?

All of us know the effect different sounds have on our state of mind. We know what a 'jarring' noise feels like and we know the quality of a 'soothing' sound. We also all have different tastes in music and use it just as film directors do to produce certain states within us. A good DJ can 'control' the vibration and mood of an entire Dance Club as unforutunately can a bad DJ.

'The lymph system (is) the special circulatory system where immune cells grow and "hang out" when they're off duty from battling the body's microscopic enemies... ...Researchers have discovered direct nerve links to sll the places that immune cells grow and cluster; the bone marrow, the thymus gland, the spleen and the lymph nodes. While attacking germs, the immune system may look like a microscopic guerrila squad. But like every winning army, the immune system's actions are highly co-ordinated by a commander-in-chief, the mind' Michael Castleman

The Body-Mind Link is further illustrated in the Buddhist tradition where meditations are accompanied by recital of sacred texts and sometimes elaborate visualisations with psycho/spiritual componens that modify and uplift the mind.

In Buddhist chants you can actually feel the results within your body as different channels of energy begin to open and move, and a master can heal people with certain chants like the Vajrasattva Mantra.

Sedative music that places no demand on a patient is said to have the best results. Most people know by now the results of an experiment using Mozart that elevated the IQ of the listeners from an average of 110IQ before to 119IQ afterwards. Other research has shown that playing music during operations has reduced the patient's need for anesthesia by 50%.

The opposite also is true, that background noise in a city 'raises blood pressure, ruins sleep and contributes to stress'.

Aristotle said 'The Soul's passions seem to be linked with the body, as the body undergoes modifications in their presence'. So be careful when you are choosing your environment and the sound that either assaults or caresses your ears because you are also choosing to have either a beneficial or deletorious affect on your body. With this in mind don't forget the power of music to cultivate health and enrich your life.

Here are two lists I've compiled the first is the slow more therapeautic one and I'm probably going to change it a lot. Please feel free to suggest music. I thought it would be great to compile something really healing so suggest away and I'll change the playlists below accordingly until we get one that's just right!
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HarmoniaMundi, 1992.Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo De Silos. Chant. Angel Records, 1994.
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BecVar, Bruce. Take It To Heart. Shining Star Music, 1998.
_________________. River of Gold. Shining Star Music, 1999.
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______________. Drone Zone, The Relaxation Company, 1996.Kay Gardner writes, “the drone, or long, uninterrupted tone of chord, is the basisof healing music, the bed on which all other healing musical elements lie.”Goldman, Jonathan. Chakra Chants. Etherean, 2000.
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This Article was written with quotes from Michael Castleman 'Nature's Cures' and Shirley Kaiser.

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