Monday, 28 May 2007

Progress is Process

Above images from Adrian Weale'Fighting Fit - The Complete SAS Training Course'

As of yesterday I began Adrian Weale's 'Fitness Training Program'. I'm starting right from the beginning even if I think I might be able to get a little ahead of myself I want to do the whole thing from start to finish and share the experience. So above is a print out of the Desk Driver Programme, I hope the Mr Weale won't mind me sharing it but it saves me typing the lot out. There's also his 'Home Heartwarmer' Exercises, which I'm going to do today. Yesterday it was a twenty minute run which I had to leave our old dogs behind for because they have to stop every five minutes to sniff and mark their territory which I wasn't that interested in.

Disclaimer - I guess I should put a disclaimer here - Don't do anything stupid! If you do because you were inspired here, it's your fault and nothing to do with me. Use your common sense - if you have heart problems, take a holiday instead. No seriously, there is proper preparation for doing exercise; being passed by your Doctor, taking it easy, stretching. Find out what's healthy. Ask someone who's an exercise fiend that isn't boasting about their latest injury. Find someone who has boundless energy and glows with a perfect complexion and ask them what they do.

I find thinking about what I want to feel like helpful. About how running up this hill is going to feel like a gentle stroll one day if I keep it up. I'm lucky here to have little traffic and lots of fresh air, if you don't have that luxury try and find a place you can get to easily that has fresher air. Oxygen is by itself one of the most healing things for our bodies; not the noxious mix we learn to put up with in the Big City. You are what you eat and you're also what you breathe.
I will post the programme up as I begin each part but would suggest that you acquire a copy of the book as there is a lot of useful and interesting information in there.

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