Tuesday, 29 May 2007

What to do about sore muscles!

Muscles get sore after doing this - especially if you haven't done it before! Climbing Swiss Alps.I'm hanging from one arm taking this!

Arghh, the aching has begun already, I thought I was fitter than that, but no, any new exercise means new muscles making themslves apparent when you didn't know they existed. So I find Witch Hazel (as advised by a Rugby player) and Arnica (as advised by a Pink haired witch who lived in a purple van) very good for quick recovery from all sports related injuries including broken bones (obviously if they'e broken visiting a Dr's is a good idea too). You rub them on unless they're Arnica as a homeopathic pill in which case I doubt rubbing them on would do much good, but I suppose it would be better than nothing. Comfrey or Boneset is also excellent externally (as it can damage kidneys taken internally). Comfrey by the way is also a good as a natural fertiliser for your homegrown veggies, as are nettles and pee - your choice.

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