Thursday, 31 May 2007

Progress Report 1 - SAS Fit!

I was the one taking the photo, and we were up high really, really high...

After, eighty press ups and lord knows how many sit ups and crunches and leg raises my heart is definitely warm. The Home Heart warmer (see Ultimate Fitness and Progress is Process) definitely does what it says. Now there's only 9months 3weeks and a couple of days to go and I'll be SAS fit and hopefully some of you might have been inspired to join me. Let me know if you share this crazy feeling of wanting to feel really alive. It seems that my body is letting me know just that, at least I don't need to look at an anatomy book to know where my muscles are - I can tell you with great accuracy.

So the progress report is - it went ok except I missed a day - really there are a million excuses; the weather, thunder and rain and hailstones the size of golf balls all week. But my old habit would have been to kick myself and mooch about feeling even worse, but now I'm proud to say I missed a day but I got right back on the old horse the very next day. In some ways it's better now as when it says 'Thursday' on the chart it's not Wednesday as it was before, but really is Thursday, so I'm kind of more on track. No more excuses I'm not only letting myself down, but the millions of people out there reading my course who are all struggling along with me. Damn, and I can't lie.

So if you want to get really fit - Join me on the SAS Fitness Training Programme from Adrian Weale's book the SAS Fitness Training Guide and in ten months we'll meet up and do a triathlon or something.

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