Friday, 1 June 2007

Building Traffic

I think traffic is like the brain the more you use certain connections the more they grow. That's why mantras and visualisations work; they expand your neural network in the highest positive direction possible. Building traffic on this or any site means making positive connections that are of the most value to all of us, myself included.

Reaching a wider audience/building site traffic
If you want to reach a wider audience the cyber gurus say:- have useful content, use keywords that would reflect the words people use in search engines and what the bots read, join search engines and blog carnivals. I'm not a cyber guru but I didn't want to disapoint by this article not having the goods it says it does. If you want even more 'goods' read on...

Learning to be Happy
I'm beginning to understand why stories of miraculous events and inspiring peopl have always had such an impact on me. They epitomise the highest degrees of joy, health, awareness, compassion and love, that we as human beings can aspire to feel. They practised the feelings they wished to feel - which makes sense doesn't it, especially in the light of how we are beginning to understand how the nervous system and mind work.

I want to emphasize that like learning to ride a bike we can learn to be happier and have a positive impact. The most important ingredient is persistence supported by gentleness. Be determined, especially to overcome any obstacles that might appear; but be gentle on yourself and extend that gentleness to others. Our own ignorance is always so deserving of compassion, especially as all of us try so hard within the limitations of our awareness.

I want this site to reflect the methods I have learned and used that have helped me to heal and deflect negative thinking. I want to share all of the positive ways I create and maintain my health. In writing this I'm endeavouring to inspire myself to meet my own goals and I hope watching me achieve them you'll be inspired to reach out and make some of your own dreams come true.

Help me to build traffic by putting a link ( on your own site and generate more and more positive connections. I want people to know that just by visiting this site you're contributing positive energy. Firstly because the more of us out there having a Positive Impact the less suffering there is in this world, and secondly to me, (by leaving a comment or sending me a message I know how this is working) .

Every article I write is a connection. I have carefully thought about the connexions between my lifestyle and many problems in the world; problems like starving refugees in Africa. Problems that are in part due to my lifestyle - because my driving has been a component in 'global dimming' which has forced the annual rains away from the Sahel and resulted in the famine in Darfur and nearby regions. I don't take this lightly.

I know that in our hearts we all feel the connection, we all hurt when someone else is hurting, even if we don't vocalise it to ourselves. Happy people make us happy. So in every article there is a way not just of reducing your contribution to world problems like nuclear waste, landfill, homelessness but ways that will increase the solutions, and they're out there. We are surrounded by solutions but a lot of us just don't know about them - or they seem too complicated.

I think a lot of us are scared we'll have to move out of our convenience rut to take loads of bottles to the recycling bank or something. It's not very inspiring being green. But what if knowing what your body needs from you; undestanding that you are your community and recognising that your home is an ecosystem; then has a visible equation in real life. You are able to turn your bills into income; your outgoings become paypackets; your meals become positivity feasts, your home becomes an energy producer - not an energy waster.

You begin with small changes; you change your mind set, you think more positively - you begin to nourish your soul. Maybe you turn off the news and watch something that makes you laugh instead.

Once the little things are there; once you've done your first weeks exercise, it gets a little easier. Maybe you can consider the cost benefits of making your home self-sufficient in energy and resources and you are able to see the realism of making these choices.

I don't want to waste time marketing myself when I can be showing you how easy this is. How putting a solar water heater in is easy, my grandmother could do it and once it's done you don't have to pay for the electricity to heat the boiler; from March to November you have completely free hot water wherever you are AND you're not piling up plutonium for 5000yrs in a corner of your backyad just so you can have a power shower.

So in the next few weeks I'll share with you the EASY way to build a solar water heater or if you want to know now in a crudely simplified version you get a tank join it to two old radiators painted black, the hot water rises by thermosyphon (hot water is lighter than cold water) into the tank and then you can have a shower, or wash up or whatever. We're going to be building one here so I'm just waiting for us to get started on that and you can learn from doing it with me.

That's one connection I like.

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