Thursday, 7 June 2007

How to be helpful!

Getting in an emergency shelter!
People want to help people.
To really see positive results when making your life decisions it is necessary to align yourself with positive people who are doing positive things in the world. Cosy!

What can you do to make a difference?
-In your own life?
-In your family's life?
-In your friend's lives?

To know what people need, think about what you need. What are you searching for? What do you want to find? Happiness, security, comfort, success, health?

When you align yourself with people who are really changing the world for the better and you begin to close the open ends of your life, following all the threads that connect you to everything else and making sure that they are all closed loops; make sure that they all have positive results which feedback into your own life. For example you could choose to eat locally produced food. Not only does this stop transport emissions and travel costs, but it boosts the local economy, keeps money in your community; which benefits you and protects your local environment. It also gives you the reassurance that arises from knowing where your food comes from.

Reducing vehicle emissions will also help reduce the overall contribution to 'global dimming'. This is the effect of the west's pollution causing the annual rainfall in the Sahel to be pushed further south which has resulted in the famines in Dafur and surrounding areas; as well as to global climate change. Enriching our lifestyles like this has a stabilising influence on all the elements that interract with us. It's the same as meditating to calm your mind. The more you are aware of your own thoughts and actions - the more control and influence you have upon the external sphere.

What are the other areas of your life that are open ended?

Where does your money go when it's sitting in your bank account?
Did you know that some banks are invested in armaments, weapons which may be being sold and used in volatile areas around the world? There are 'Ethical Banks' who ensure that the interest from your money is used to promote and offer solutions to international social and environmental problems. 'Triodos' and 'The Ecology Building Society' are two of these 'ethical' banks that offer excellent but harmless services.

These are just two examples of 'closed loop systems'. What about travel, clothing, household goods, energy requirements, schooling, bills and vehicle choice? For each of these there is an option that has a positive return for you, for your pocket, your community, and the environment.

Choose wisely! You might be the superhero the world's been waiting for!

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