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Introduction to course

Picture - Free Wild Edible Salad ( I have borrowed this from students of the Wilderness Guide Programme who run the Kamana homestudy Naturalist course which I highly recommend)

Each of my articles are ideas and practical projects that that will help make you more confident in the outdoors and in your own life. For a long time I have travelled around the world looking for what works, for the actual solutions to problems I have had in my own health and my life, and for everyone. The real fruit of these labours has been measured by how I've succeeded in implementing these positive changes into my lifestyle. I have learnt, often frustratingly along the way, that this is a process all of us have to go through. It has practical components and psychological ones. Sometimes I have been in very empowered situations and sometimes not. Right now this course is what I'm doing to climb to create an empowering situation. I hope it is of help to you who are reading this and as many people as may possibly benefit from it and that we all learn something along the way. I'd love to hear/share your stories too, so get in contact:- is my email address.

I will be using the best resources I can find for this course and will sometimes
link to videos I find. If you see that any of these links aren't working please contact my email address. Thankyou.

The basic Outline for the course is as follows:-

1-An Introduction to Shelter - we'll look at shelter in general.
Personal Project - The Backyard Bushcraft Experience

2-Habitat - Shelter from the skin up fire - what is shelter? How is shelter provided? What are illness/ problems from lack of shelter. Shelter at home - Your Ecological Footprint, Ecological restoration/renovation, Strawbale, Cob and other healthy and efficient shelters.
Personal Project - Different Shelters. How to use a tarp and hammock. Damp,Wind and Sun!

3-Water/Fire - (The need for fire to purify water) Introduction to Fire. What you need to build a fire safely. Future articles will include different types of fires and ways of cooking. Alternative Fuels.
Water - Where to find/How to filter and purify. Water at home - living machines and grey water systems.
Personal project - Bushcraft Purifying Water. Build a Grey Water System. Build a solar water heater

4-Food - Foraging for Plants, Learn your POISONOUS PLANTS first!, Bushcraft tucker, Growing what?, Permaculture Design, Community Shared Agriculture, Tribal living, a hunter gatherer in the supermarket, emergencies, long term.
Personal Project - The emergency Ration Pack, Drying foods, Make your own Jerky and Pemmican, Preparing fish, Preparing animals, Road Kill, Preserving. Using a throwing stick.How to grow your own food? Which foods are best?. Growing a forest garden

5-Medicine - Bushcraft First Aid, the health experts and the sickness experts, in the wild, balancing pathology and holistic medicine, my apprenticeship of Tibetan Medicine, what else is out there? the Icelandic Paraplegic who is learning to walk, for Multiple Sclerosis, for cancer, for Asthma and Eczema, M.E or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Getting Old and getting young, Miracles are just big medicine, medicine is just little miracles.-
Personal Project -First Aid Kit (modern), First Aid Kit (bushcraft), Learn your medicinal weeds, prevention rather than cure.

6-Communication - in the wild, Taking your mobile telephone, silent signals, bird language, body language, speech, owl eyes and deer ears, tracks, telepathy exercises, Navigation,Global Positioning Systems G.P.S, VHF/UHF Radio, Satellite phones, Leaving Route Cards and Emergency Contact details I.T, fight/flight. What you're wearing is it blaring?

7-Transport - fitness, walking, breathing, mind over matter, systema breathing, our body the all terrain vehicle, quality of life;of 'aliveness', care of animals, the importance of shoes, sledges, snow shoes, carts, bicycle, motorbike, car, boats, Parachutes, Planes and other crazy stuff
Personal Project - How to make your own moccasins, a fold up canoe; a raft. How to make Bio Diesel

8-Money - increasing your value in £/$, the value of your community, unwinding from the daily grind.

I have a personal goal which is to travel on a long journey using my Bushcraft Skills, in a remote area. I also have a Community Goal which is to set up self-sufficient 'Refuges' demonstrating Positive Impact Living Lifeskills (P.I.L.L.S)in as many places as possible. At the moment I'm simply trying to build a firm foundation from which to steadily grow. Living a simple life in France, only working part time and concentrating on honing all of my skills and learning new ones. Including how to set up a web site! It's all new to me.

What are your personal/community goals? Do you have a life list?

THE BIG PROJECT - the journey and the refuge

What's your BIG PROJECT?

In providing this course. I want to empower as many people a possible in their own lives as well as my own. I'm doing it because I want to get fitter. I want to be inspired and motivated enough to be as fit as I can be. I want my lifestyle to be a vehicle for achieving optimum health - that is what all of us have a right to.

One thing that I have noticed over the years is that many stories about teachers of ancient traditions, native living and actual tribal peoples have reflected that they have maintained an extremely high level of fitness well into old age, see Tom Brown's description of Grandfather Stalking Wolf in his book 'Grandfather'. After Tom Brown accompanied him on a hard trek 'He was not in a hurry, but rather took his time. To someone who did not know any better they would never have known that he had just finished the same long trek we had. He seemed so totally unaffected by the whole trip' This was a man in his 80's and 90's who also hunted, and swam. Also in studying the Eastern Traditions especially Tibetan Bon and Buddhism, their understanding of health is so deep that even after four years as an apprentice of Tibetan Medicine I still felt like I was learning the ABC of this vast subject.

I recognise that our motivation is tempered by our life experience and that although everyone may want to be 'successful' not all of us have a realistic vision for ourselves that is detailed enough or large enough to reflect our personal value and purpose.

Going out into the wilderness I have been privileged to find a sense of peace and of place, and returning to 'civilisation' I have been privileged to find lots of 'work' just waiting to be done.

If you think you can write an article suitable for this site relfecting the above categories or offering a new one, please contact me subject 'Article submission' with your suggestion and I will add a link for you once you've sent your article with a short bio about yourself and your own link URL. I am also happy to swop links; if you send me the link URL where you have posted my site link to the above email subject 'PILLS Link Swop', then I will add you to my Links.

Enjoy the course!

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