Saturday, 26 May 2007

How do I reduce my Ecological Footprint?

What is your Ecological Footprint? - Answer these questions:-

How much rubbish do you throw away?
Where does your rubbish go?
Do you recycle?
What can you recycle?
Where does your water come from?
How does it get cleaned?
Where does your waste water go?
Where does your electricity come from?
How is your electricity made?
What electrical appliances do you use?
How much electricity do they use?
What are the biggest guzzlers of electricity?
How do you heat/cool your house?
What is your house built from?
What transport do you use?
How much petrol/diesel does your vehicle need if you have a vehicle?
Where does your food come from?
How far does your food travel?
How much fuel is used getting your food to you?
What is the nearest edible plant to your front door?(This question does NOT suggest that you go and try all of the plants growing near your door - it does suggest that you use field guides to find out)?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you understand the connections between your lifestyle habits and your impact upon the earth, that is collectively multiplied with everyone elses. It will also give you an insight about the bridge between living directly from nature using Bushcraft skills and living in a modern manner using all of our conveniences.
Also if you know these answers you can learn how your lifestyle can cost you less; how you could have no more bills to pay and how you can save money and even earn money from changing some of these habits to ones that have a POSITIVE IMPACT!

My future articles will show you how to reduce your outgoings to a minimum - How to build some simple sustainable technologies to produce energy - How to conserve and reuse water - How to switch to locally produced food and grow some of your own. I will also cover making Veg diesel or Bio fuel (Build your own vegetable oil converter) and an indepth article into the use of Living Machines and what these are. I will discuss using Cob, Strawbale and other materials. On this site though I really want to help people who are stuck in renting property particularly; who may have difficulty reducing their ecological footprint without the permission and/or help of their landlords. This is why I'm also going to talk about different ways of owning property. I'm going to try and root all of this in the practical understanding of bushcraft which is our most direct and pure relationship with the earth; so that we can learn to gain a handle on what being totally independent could really mean AND why interdependence may be closer to the truth.

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