Sunday, 20 May 2007

How to Remove a Tick or real Aliens!

As you can see it was a very small tick at first
This tick was one of two that had the cheek to blag a free dinner from me with out asking. Both of them went for the same leg and I had to wait until they were big enough for me to get them out with the hook, it's best for getting their heads out otherwise you risk the infection from Lymes Disease. Also if a ticks in over twelve hours or you have more than one tick or if it gets fully engorged (nice) then you're more likely to get it. Even if you do find a tick on you this doesn't mean it's got Lymes or that it's transfered it to you. The symptoms to look out for come later (days) and include one or all; feeling drowsy like you've got the flu, muscle cramps and nausea. There are also these noticeable large blotches like a big red rash in a circle over an inch wide. So try and see a doctor if this happens.

It wasn't yet nine o clock on this sunday morning and already the little creatures have invaded. First it was the ants who seem to be using our bathroom as a freeway, we think their nest might have been disrupted when the outside wall was resurfaced. Then I found a cricket on its back, waving its legs around, so he got relocated. then my mother said, "Lou can you have a look at this bite", which unfortunately was on her backside "Is it a tick?" she asks a bit worried. up until now she's thought ticks only went for animals. At first I thought no but then I got a little closer. It's little orange bottom was sticking out and its legs were wriggling. 'Oh dear' I thought.

My dad said that up until he came to this part of France, he'd never heard of ticks. Why do you have to be careful? Ticks carry Lyme's Disease and although the chances of catching it are slim, I mean first you have to get a tick, if one stays in for longer than 12 hours then its more likely but you really don't want to get Lyme's Disease. Anyway, to get a tick off you don't want to just pull it because its head might stay in and that's when its most likely. So here am I staring at a Ticks bottom and my mum's bottom first thing on a Sunday morning, nice... Well there's lots of stories about how to get them out, but the easiest way I've found is this fancy hook they sell here. (see pic). You just make the skin around the bite taut, slip this thing on pressing firmly turn it a few times and pull hard. It came out with a satisfying pop, just like that. The last time I encountered a tick on a person was someone on a course and they spent about three hours labouring with needles to get it out in an unsuccessful and painful manner. Good idea to have one of these in your first aid kit.
The way that my mum realised she had one was because she went to scratch what she thought was a mozzi bite and felt something tried to pull it and all her skin lifted up with it. Nice detail I know, but good it's to know these things.

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