Sunday, 17 June 2007

Your highest potential?

Swayambhunath Temple This site has been growing really fast. I'm hoping to post Mark Bradshaw's article 'Orientating yourself by the sun' up soon. If you've just arrived at this page, you may be wondering exactly what this site is about. On the home page you'll find introductions to my most recent articles, but I would suggest searching my Categories for a clearer picture.

I am dedicated to something I've called 'Positive Impact Living'. It doesn't matter who or where you are or what circumstances you might be in, I'm posting 'practical' information here that will help you and I make a positive impact from within those circumstances. If I can inspire someone to be just a little bit positive, that's great. From the comments I'm receiving it's working and that's motivating me massively to persist in optimising this site for your/our benefit.

It's not positivity alone that I want to encourage, though this is an essential ingredient. There are skills that we as human beings are supposed to have to live well on this planet. They are skills that feed us with our optimum diet, ways of living that enable us to not only have the things we need but to feel the most 'alive' that we can possibly feel. Try to imagine just that - you feel the most 'alive' you have ever felt. Your body is buzzing with energy, your mind is clear, calm, focused. You have the confidence to achieve anything you put your mind to. Your body is luxuriating in feelings of exhilaration, potential and love. We should feel like this - all the time!

We shouldn't be putting up with low energy levels, headaches, blotchy skin or any of those complaints that so many people complain of, that's not even touching on illness.It is possible to live for a long time and in excellent health. It is possible to live without financial worries or burdens. It is possible to turn around from dullness, depression and any unfulfilled state and have the experience of fulfilment. Right now!

When I was little (and not so little) I was enthralled by magical tales. Magicians, witches, magical beasts, animals that could talk - they all filled my mind. The possibility of magic made me leap out of bed in the morning. My imaginary adventures took up days and weeks, months and years of my childhood.The boundary between reality and dreams was so thin then that I revelled in my own imagination - it made me feel ALIVE. It propelled me from the edges of my skin and perception to places that nourished my confidence and my soul.

If you are unhappy now, in any way - remember that place in you that really believes anything is possible. Anything is...

I'd love to find treasure. Real ancient treasure. I'd love to learn an ancient script and leaf through texts that bring forgotten civilisations to life. I'd love to build a boat and sail around Britain and then further. I'd love to travel across Europe and Asia on horseback. I'd love to live in the Himalayas and do a pilgrimage to where all the amazing teachers I have read and been told about achieved their own enlightenments. To go where Babaji, the immortal Yogi is said to wander and appear. To travel in the footsteps of Shabkar who began his journey with only a sheepskin coat as his possession which he gave away and then was later responsible for covering the temple in Kathmandu (with the eyes) in gold leaf. He sang many songs of Awakening. Then there are the Lung Gompas who are said to run long distances in trances - appearing to fly above the ground. The yogi who received a King while a Lion sat on one side of him and a deer on the other. Saint Frances who the animals loved. The Nepali Prince who practised levitation; his daughter brought him his lunch from the beginning of his practise to the point where she couldn't reach him!

The capabilities of awarenesses like telepathy, prediction, knowlege of the past and the future and curing of diseases are referred to as side-effects. They aren't even goals in themselves. There is an incredible state of Awareness or feeling 'alive' that many of us don't even consider.'Why not' I ask ? Why is it that millions of people have fought and died for us to have a freedom to do what? To not consider what our greatest potential might be?

We have a debt to pay to all of those living today and all of our ancestors who believed that there was something worth fighting and dying for. When I remember them and the manners of their lives; their stories and tragedies I can find no better reason to change my own life for the better - to fulfil my own potential, to touch my own destiny and turn it into gold.

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Louise said...

Hi Louise, an inspiring post! Our attitudes can have such a big impact on our health and on the health of those around us.

heavenabove said...

Becuase I enjoy your blog, I have tagged you - visit my blog for instructions-

In fact, I was tagged from the Louise who visits your site!

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