Friday, 5 September 2008

The World Wants Obama

It's not just America that needs the Democrats to win this election. The world is also waiting for change. Change to the destructive foreign policy that has had such devastating effects around the globe. Positive change happens from the roots up, and all of us are responsible - not just the governments, but the people who put them there and who give them their power. Nowadays we see how one country effects another, how climate change and the actions of the few can ricochet around the planet. That's why I'm throwing my voice in even if I don't have a vote. There are other people praying for this man to get in and they aren't even Americans. So if you're an American your vote has even more bearing than your country alone, listen for the truth of compassion and let that guide your choice - it is louder than any words and it is our greatest necessity.

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