Saturday, 4 April 2009

Plant a tree and stop climate change

Planting trees can stabilise climate change. The EIA have said that if just a 27% increase in Reforestation projects would reduce emissions by 1 billion tons. What if we increased it by 100% or 500%?
Anyone can plant a tree. Kids can plant trees. We need to plant a tree every day; lots of trees every day. Trees can provide stability for the economy too, with food crops, stopping soil erosion, encouraging woodlands, and renewable fuels. They can rehabilitate rivers like the Murray River Basin in Australia which is turning into an acidified desert because of bad land use decisions. And trees can offer homes for wildlife that is being threatened by the use of certain industries, and the use of GM seeds. For example GM seeds incorporating pesticides that kill insects who feed on them have caused the Colony Collapse Disorder in bee populations - and we all know if bees go – we go).
The EIA (Energy Information Administartion) – Official Energy Statistics from the US Governement) gives seven suggestions for reducing carbon dioxide emissions. These include reducing energy demand in buildings, increasing nuclear power, increasing the use of renewable energy and renewable fuels, carbon capture and finally the method I would like to draw your attention to – Reforestation.
Get people to plant trees and they will not only stabilise climate change for future generations; they will learn where their food comes from, how much energy it takes, they will get outdoors and have the satisfaction they did something that made a difference. We can’t wait for corporations and governments to make the right decisions on our behalf. Lets step up our act. All of us can grow trees, its harmless, its easy. Considering that International companies are busy making multibillion dollar deals around the world to drill for more oil in new oil fields (Check out ‘oil fields’ on wiki and follow your nose) I don’t think I’m happy with my future and that of the planets lying solely in their hands. Thank goodness its not. To find out more about how to plant trees and the high yield 'Forest' garden go here

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