Monday, 4 January 2010

A New Year's Resolution ?

Someone asked for inspiration about New Year's Resolutions and I wrote this, maybe you might like it too?

Any dreams left undone?
Something you find difficult - a fear to face and overcome.
Do something for friends/family or strangers that is unexpected and kind and helpful - with the emphasis on unexpected.
Consider what your full potential might be?
Consider how it may feel to have your best health and well being?
Take steps to improve your neighbourhood in some way.
Sponsor a poor child, family, monk, nun or student from around the world.
Plant a tree(s) for the next generation to look at.
Do something creative; creative cookery, creative craft, creative dance class, creative online...
Give presents to the homeless; if possible give them a home.
Find the most downtrodden, forgotten, despairing person you can and make them smile, not only make them smile, make them laugh; make their eyes light up.
Travel somewhere else, somewhere not your own town or country even, somewhere unfamiliar, somewhere you are completely out of your element and open to surprises.
Immerse yourself in nature more often; connect with it, follow it, be inquisitive and spontaneous as you were as a child.
Jump in puddles.
Recite poetry in supermarkets.
Give things away for free.
Do things you are scared of in human terms as well; visit the dying and bring them flowers, communicate with those you stopped talking to, remember you are strong.
Think about the loved ones you have lost and the strangers who have come into your life and gone again and try and remember them regularly with some small kindly action done in their name.
Count your blessings; sit down write a list; count all the blessings that are in your life now, count the ones that have ever entered your life; think about what blessings you would like in the future, and what blessing you - yourself, are to others. Are you a blessing in disguise?

© 2009

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