Friday, 16 April 2010

The Importance of Story

A lot of stories come from dreams. James Cameron's Avatar came about because of a dream he had, probably Shakespeare dreamt of A Midsummer's Night Dream before he wrote it, Martin Luther King had a dream and we know what that led to...

I often wonder about the unheard stories. You never know when you first meet someone, what their story is and even if you've lived with someone your whole life, even if they're family; you will never truly know their story. I was inspired to write this by Chris Brogan who did a book review of 'A Million Miles in a Thousand Years' by Donald Miller'
Stories are an approximation, an attempt to share through any means, an experience, a vision...

I am trying to write a story right now. Actually I have several stories on the go but this particular one is very personal and difficult. I have been listening to other people's stories of surviving trauma and their life experiences; so bravely told. A lot of my life I have belittled the importance of my own story in the light (or apparent darkness) of other people's judgement. I have let their opinions colour how I felt about myself already.

Sometimes when you cannot express your story it gets trapped inside you like shrapnel, gradually working its way through causing more and more painful damage.

And when you start to put it into words, the wound begins to heal. Its amazing how old stories can be, before they're able to resurface and we can let them go. I wonder sometimes if they pass from life to life, our hidden stories, waiting for the day when they can come to life and we can let go of them.

Mots of our stories are never heard. People take them with them to their graves. People never find a way to get the words out, or there is noone there to listen.
But the thing about these stories is that they bring us together like nothing else. They allow us to identify who we truly are, and what we are not. I have a hidden story within me - its a story of my life's purpose, I rarely if ever share it with anyone, it is a too subtle a reasoning for my actions to explain with words - it powers me up, enables me to leap over obstacles, gives me confidence.

But in the past few years my power story has been blocked by another story, a kind of shadow story that needed to come to light. The weight of it made my confidence dwindle, my strength weaken, my resolve and determination waiver. And then a strange thing happens - I begin trying to describe it, this weight, this leaden feeling; the confusion etc. Emotions bubble up at all sorts of unexpected moments, little glimpses of light begin to shine into me; especially when people really listen. I get my words mixed up - sometimes there's just a huge silence that speaks volumes, and other times tears, like a flood, carrying all the darkness outside of myself. Stories will out. They will shine upon you, and they will erode darkness, they will change the destiny of all kind.
I identify myself very much now in terms of the galaxy I live in the Sol galaxy. Most people speak of their home town, their nationality, their religion; but I know where I'm from and it is so vast; there are so many stories in it, so many stories that were and so many to come; that my nationality is insufficient to hold it all. In my blood runs stories, genetically uploaded from the experiences of my ancestors and I will leave my stories upon this earth; perhaps they will one day bring dreams to sleeping folk, and answers to silent prayers.

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