Thursday, 22 July 2010

Save Jane - a fellow blogger

She has been persecuted by the judicial system in Austria for speaking out against the H1N1 virus and its inadequate testing and the mainstream media's panic pushing so that the World Health Organisation and the Pharmaceuticals made massive profits. That was the only reason everyone went on and on about the'Pandemic'. Not for any valid reasons or science; other than pseudo science we see a lot of nowadays supporting companies like 'BP' for example. Hmmm? So what to do about it? Having your property taken away is a big deal -HUGE! In fact having any rights taken away at all is a big deal. All the 'criminals' now are hiding in suits behind corporate logos and judges/politicians who are very willing to accept a bribe or two. Don't take my word for it just open your eyes and look around. Take your head out of the sand. This could get worse before it gets better. That said there are equally many good people out their, good honest judges and politicians trying to stop such a scernario of another corrupt world power ever getting complete control. Let's help them. Let's help the blogger Jane's of this world who are keeping it real. Don't be another sucker who swallows everything they says as the God's truth. Question, question, question... Who are the real criminals? The one's putting the neck on the line trying to share information? Or the one's trying to protect their interests by silencing them?

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