Saturday, 11 September 2010

'Where there are dolphins there are rarely sharks?'

I am truly encouraged to see positive responses to extremism happening all around the world. The book burners are being drowned out by folk giving away the Quran. The extremist and prejudiced folk are being told they should be the ones going to self-help groups (at least I just said that anyway).

'Where there are dolphins - there are rarely sharks' Angela Shelton

And here there are dolphins. There are dolphins swimming and jumping through the waves of violence all over this planet. Dolphins like Andrea Gibson the poet who should have more news coverage than almost any other person. We need her words like dried up hearts need liquid love tsunamis.

I was thinking this morning about the whole 'coming out thing'. Do you expect straight people to 'come out' as straight? No, of course not; well why should anyone else 'come out'. It's you people who are uncomfortable in your prejudice that need to come out. You need to admit you have a problem whether it's 'I am a racist or I am homophobic' whatever form of prejudice or hatred it is.

Being gay is natural, it is inconsequential.

Being racist/homophobic/mysoginist/any-ism however is unnatural and has negative consequences. You need to deal with your issues. You really need to sort it out.

I hate to have to give you a geography lesson but I think its necessary.

There are 6billion other people apart from yourself living in this floating round house and every single one of them is different from you, we're all unique, each of us has our own internal galaxies.

I think we need an intervention on a massive scale. I looked for resources to help racists, or homophobes willing to consider recovery; but mostly I could only find books for therapists. You could say there is a huge gap in the market right there. Maybe if we generate a cultural trend of expecting them to address and recover from their issues such an actuality will occur

One book I happily stumbled across was 'Healing - A journal of tolerance and understanding' by Mohammed Ali

"If today's world is to be truly healed, that healing must be achieved one person at a time. The tolerance and understanding necessary to heal must come from each and every one of us, arising out of our everyday conduct, until decency reaches a flood tide." Mohammed Ali

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