Friday, 29 October 2010

Women are Sacred

WOMEN are sacred. Rape is such a spite at the preciousness of life, such an eroding of all that is good and pure and amazing about the gift of life. I mean wow, women have made every single person on this planet. We grew them in our bodies. Every man came out of a women; it's that way round.

I look at this world and I see life and it's mothers.

And yet the arrogance of men, the rule of men, the disenfranchising of women by men; their regulation to second class citizens in so much of the world, or even 'less than rats' as a victim said in the congo - is just awful.

I am not an object. I'm AMAZING. I'm powerful.

SO much of society tries to erode that power; the control of the state, of the banks, of religion, of law of family, of the media. Everything saying I am inadequate in some way; I have not got enough money or enough points, enough insurance, enough education...

Men have involved themselves with killing and death for thousands of years - they're not experts in life; in creation - that's us... We're the experts in creativity We're the ones that keep life going, that sustain it, that nurture it around us - the same way we nurture hope in the hopeless.

Women ARE sacred; we should expect respect for our sacredness in all our interactions; when we meet others, when we see ourselves in the mirror, when we're in a shop or on the street or doing business. We should be walking tall, swaying our life giving hips.

Rape made me close up like a bud that instead of opening tried to go in reverse. It made me turn all that sacredness around; sacredness that was supposed to spread outwards, to ripple and undulate, to bathe and blossom, to delight and deepen. It made me stop enjoying my inner beauty, that develops as you grow into a woman, as you grow older, as your hair greys and your eyes get so far seeing they see through time and beyond.

Women are SACRED; holy, blessed, sanctified, divine, whole, a temple, complete, kedushah or holiness (something/one that is set apart in a respectful manner), graceful, protected, defended, guarded, inviolate, inviolable. And yet the definition of 'sex' is 'intercourse between animate beings. coitus, copulation, fornication, intercourse, reproduction.' The definition for 'making love is to 'have sex - be intimate,breed, copulate, fool around, fornicate, f***, go all the way, go to bed with, have sexual intercourse, have sexual relations, lay, make out, mate, procreate, screw, sleep together.'

There is nothing of the sacred here in these words for something that is special, beautiful, magical, unifying, creative, passionate, joyful, blissful, spiritual, respectful, sensitive, surprising, funny, insightful, wonderful, sensual, reciprocal, gentle, ecstatic, exciting, loving..

It's been rendered mechanic; it's no wonder women are treated as objects if this is how our society consistently refers to the act of union, of creating life.

We need to re-divine ourselves.

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