Friday, 12 November 2010

Christmas Wishes

I have private and public wishes. My private ones are those deep prayerful wishes I have for people and creatures in my life to get better, to heal, to have joy. I rarely voice them. I don't talk about them. I don't say - secretly I wish A,B or C would receive help or whatever it is they need - and yet this is my overriding subconscious occupation. And sometimes it doesn't stop with people I personally know. Maybe it's an acquaintance or even someone whose story I've just heard. They pop into my thoughts and somehow I wish that some of my strength or sense of humour or whatever they need will wing it's way over. Yet I do all this in the quiet of my inside self.

When someone says 'What do you want for Christmas?' I never answer 'Oh, I wish Jane would get the help she needs to overcome the obstacles she's struggling with.' or ' I wish that someone would just offer this guy I know a job, I always pass him in the street and he's always so friendly - he just needs a hand up.' I always say 'Oh socks, or a book' or something.

Often my thoughts are for people who need help I can't give...

Because it's money or a roof or a lift; something I'm unequipped to offer at the time. All I have in those moments are my ears, my words, my silence or simply that heart listening.

There's an incredible power though, in the simple wish for the wellbeing of others. Perhaps they may be someone we've lost; who has died or become estranged. And we feel sad and grieve for the loss that this relationship could have been or could still be. Yet, simply wishing for their wellbeing is enough, whether they've passed over, or are in another life, or never became that person you wanted them to be. Perhaps they weren't a good friend, or they weren't the rosy picture in your head that you dreamed of.

A lot of our grief comes from feeling that we have to shut off that potential switch...

That we're un-able to express the love within us because that person didn't or won't or can't let us. Well you know what, it's not up to them. It's up to us. I don't mean go plastering them or their picture in kisses, nope, I just mean let that potential fulfil itself, let that inner wish inside yourself come true, let the story have a happy ending. You can do all that right now, inside, in that quiet space. Every one can be wish fulfilling. Really feel it... think on them, let that love complete.

I remember as a child, longing for certain things to come to pass. They could be something I read in a book or saw on TV. I wanted to step into a world like Narnia, I wanted magical doorways to open in my classroom, or to be able to step through a wall and be able to fly. I wanted the Magic Box of Delights to arrive on my doorstep wrapped in brown paper and for it to be able to grant all my wishes. Life doesn't always happen like that. But sometimes it does. Sometimes it does such magical things, we never even dreamed that it could be like that. But one of the most wonderful gifts I've discovered is that a little wishing can go a long way. Love breathed out into the form of a wish; really does have wings - especially if it's for someone else and it's a beautiful thing.

You think on it enough and it really gets some solidity. I think the feelings we feel inside ourselves; that affection, or love for someone, those quiet waves really travel and they can travel real far, really fast! Maybe even faster than the speed of light. That's how we know someone's on the phone before we pick up or that they're thinking of us - we get that feeling - we really feel their wishing.

So, I know a lot of people are strapped for cash at this time and I know there's a lot of bad stuff going on around the world, but I just wanted to say you gotta practise your Christmas wishing, and start early! Because those wishes, they really can go through walls, they can transform solid objects, they can fly round this planet. Your wishes ARE magic. Magic magical creatures of design - so PLAY with them.
So, you might not be able to buy someone the superb sports car they always wanted, or that incredible piece of art - but you know what - you CAN give them the feeling that they would get if they got those things - feelings are free! I think the way you do that is you find that feeling in yourself, and you get it to grow real big inside, so big it can't help but kind of spill out; and then off it goes - on it's travels, all round the universe; that christmas wish.

Really, you're the genie, the christmas fairy.

What's my Christmas wish this year?

It's that you get your wish; that quiet one inside - the one you never tell anybody...

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