Thursday, 9 December 2010

Loving obstacles into non-existence - how do we do that?

Gandhi did it. He held to the truth that was the injustice of occupation and to the conviction that people would be able to have the strength of will to remain non-violent and he swayed an empire. He didn't do it through hate. He did it through love. Love of the individuals involved even though they were ignorant. He grieved for their ignorance - he pointed it out, he fought against it and his own.
We ALL of us have ignorance, it is on so many levels. It is the cause of such sadness and anguish and suffering. But it's OK, because as much as everyone of us has such ignorance we also share truth and awareness and we are undeniably connected one to another.
Therefore our obstacles, be they those that prevent us from our daily bread, or our own self doubt, or the oppression of others, these obstacles are not set in stone, they are impermanent like everything. Like everything can be moved by love, they can. Like everyone can be moved at the plight of others, we recognise our shared struggles. Let's not fight each other for bread or space, or position.
I don't have a lot of money, that's one of my obstacles I'm learning to love. But I have enormous faith and conviction. Moneylessness has taught me to rely on an intelligence greater than mine; to listen to the small, quiet voice within, to move when it says move and stay still when it says stay - even if this is contrary to all outer appearances that may be screaming 'MOVE'. It has never been wrong. When you can trust that voice, you can truly move mountains. There is nothing like fearlessness to bring down an injustice of any proportion.

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