Tuesday, 5 July 2011

'Grin and bear it'

“I was taught to always look for the good, but not for the purpose of positive living; for the purpose of accepting abuse. I was taught to minimize my own value, I was taught to hold the abusers in high regard all the while accepting the little regard they had for me. I was taught that they had value, but that I did not.” Darlene Ouimet of Emerging From Broken
This quote is an excerpt taken from this article http://emergingfrombroken.com/take-the-good-with-the-bad-or-the-bad-with-the-good/

This is a really important quote. I've noticed a lot of positive living preachers who will bulldoze through people's feelings with 'look on the bright side statements' which immediately minimalises what a person is going through, lets whoever is saying it off the hook of actually being helpful, and it equally lets people get away with abuse. One example of that could be telling a kid who has just been hurt to 'grin and bear it' another more extreme example could be ignoring the human rights abuses of a country in favor of trade deals... Either way it's condoning abuse... And that is not positive.

'Grin and Bear it' by the way is actually defined as 'to accept an unpleasant or difficult situation because there is nothing you can do to improve it ' Well, **** that...

There is always something you can do to improve a situation. Thinking otherwise means you believe you're less than...

You're human; deserve equal respect and to never ever feel that you cannot change the environment within which you find yourself, especially if you find that it needs changing.

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