Saturday, 14 July 2007

Rain Water Harvesting

Here are some pictures of our water butts, nice. The thing about rain water is that it is one of the more reliable sources of drinking water, and it's free when it falls out of the sky and onto our roof and garden. It's simple and cheap or free to get a water butt and connect your gutters to it. With the lovely amount of rain fall we've had recently we were very lucky to get our 500litre butt full in one day. You only drink about 3-5 litres per day so this is very good. Here water takes quite a chunk of money to get it collected, cleaned and piped in from somewhere else. Seems daft doesn't it when it's falling on us all the b----- time.
The other free and often overlooked source of water is dew, as the recently applauded and 'invented' dew collector advertises. In survival situations wrapping a T-shirt round your ankles and walking in long grass, provides some much needed water when you wring out the T-shirt or other article of clothing. Now with the dew collector you can get the water that would otherwise rise into the air and disappear and give the plants their daily drink.
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