Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Building Energy

I am going to do a few experiments. I want to go off the grid - but I don't want to pay for expensive 'eco products' to heat water and generate electricity. I want to see just how much energy I can generate with simple machines and how much these machines rely on materials and/or on design.
I'm going to begin with a biogas generator. Biogas was used before the Industrial Revolution to provide street lighting. A schoolchild can build a biogas generator. So I'm going to research and build one so that here in Europe where we are reliant on bottled gas provided by companies who are currently having a small dispute regarding prices, mainly at the expense of us ordinary folk, and particularly elderly folk whose welfare they are completely disregarding - so we can provide for ourselves.
I figure there are simple ways to meet our own needs and we can disregard completely the price wars raging above our heads and get on with our lives with our freely provided energy. Thank you very much.
Go on Youtube and there are an array of 'How to' films. Well I'll have look for those that really show you 'How to' and I'll post my plans and results up here.
Simple enough for anyone to make and create a Biogas generator.
I will also post my results up on the Solar Water Heater - most efficient design for the homemade versions.
I believe you should be able to maintain and fix everything in your home yourself. I think technology should be simple enough for you to fix and know how it works, that this consideration should be taken into account and that materials should be sourced where you can get them. I think this isn't asking too much.
There is a positive aspect to this recession and that is our empowerment to have our lives in our hands, to make our own decisions and direct our own lives. This is a grand opportunity, to be creative, to find our communities and to look after each other.

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