Monday, 16 February 2009


I have just heard to my absolute shock that the EU has said that 'Organic' food can be sold with a percentage of a Genetically Modified Ingredients. I am horrified at this, and cannot believe the 'logic' or 'intelligence' that is behind their thinking. The only logic going on here is that of big business like 'Monsanto' and the other corporations, but for them to win like this at the european government level is shameful. I for one am going fully self sufficient this year, so they can shove their 'organic' gm food where the light doesn't shine. I hope all the good folk out their whose organic food is 'organic' and doesn't contain Genetically Engineered ingredients, (whose DNA has been played with by scientists in a laboratory who have no longterm consideration for the consequences of their actions); I hope these truly organic folk put labels on saying GM free. That's at least until the European Union decide that 'GM Free Foods' can have a percentage of 'Genetically Modified Ingredients' in them.

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