Wednesday, 21 April 2010

How do we listen on the internet?

I have recently been coming to grips with the interweb and particularly twitter. I have been listening to the 140conference today and right now Stacey Monk (left) is talking (her twitter avatar is @staceymonk ) about the twitter kids and she said one of the expression's she hates is 'Voice to the voiceless' - "Bullshit" she says "They have voices. The question is are they being heard?". You can get lost on social media, your health can get lost when you're on social media, your priorities can get lost when you're on social media. I know this from personal experience when I helped look after two kids who really needed looking after - they were being beaten by their grandmother, and neglected by their mother because she was always in a chatroom; I eventually convinced their other grandmother to take over their care.

The consequences of social media is far reaching. The question is 'What is the potential of social media?' and how can we make sure that it doesn't get lost in a long string of impersonal advertsing?

The potential is clear; in an instant you can talk to anyone all over the world. Doctors puzzling over diagnosis can get in touch another doctor on the other side of the world who knows what's wrong. You can say 'Help' but will you get heard? SAMHSA's National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is now on Twitter here @800273TALK SAMHSA are the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration in the US.

The question is if you get heard there what about everywhere else. What about if you don't know about it? Twitter co-founder Evan Williams said that 'Twitter is not an alert system' which is a shame because there ought to be a Twitter 911, policed like all 911 telephone lines are. Because sometimes in an emergency - you cannot talk - but you can type.

What do you think about this? How else can we 'listen' in social media, and how can we respond? Let's lend an ear to Stacey and see if we can't make social media more responsive; faster, better and more reliable, so that if one day, all you can do is Twitter 'Help911' and your location. Someone comes...

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