Friday, 14 May 2010

Certificate in Bushcraft Leadership NCFE Level 3 - 1 year instructor course

Below is the brilliant course I undertook in 2006-2007. I also attended superb courses with the very wise and fabulous teacher Thomas Schorr-kon of Trackways

Certificate in Bushcraft Leadership NCFE Level 3 - 1 year instructor course with the Woodcraft School.

Woodcraft School offer the first and only accredited course designed specifically for bushcraft instruction in the UK. We have written the qualification together with the NCFE who are the regulating body.

Previously Woodcraft School wrote and delivered a similar course at Plumpton College. They used a large mix of existing outdoor awards at various levels because, until then, no qualification was available specifically for bushcraft instruction. Now this unique instructor program is being run solely by Woodcraft School and has been designed for budding bushcraft instructors or those already in the field wanting a formal qualification to their name. The course is divided into 4 mandatory categories and covers the following subjects in depth:

Outdoor Living Skills - bushcraft skills including fire, water, shelter, equipment and clothing, backcountry cooking techniques, food hygiene (cert), navigation and hygiene.

Natural History - plant identification and use, tracking skills, wild foods, habitat and woodland management, ecology and conservation.

Craft - tool use and selection, tree felling and timber conversion and craft items including barkcraft, cordage, carving and bow making.

Lead and Instruct groups in Nature based Outdoor Learning
- instructional & teaching techniques, legislation for outdoor practitioners, codes of practice and risk assessment.

Also included in the course teaching is a 5 day Remote Response First Aid training, Basic Expedition Leaders Award - BEL, and Level 2 Food Hygiene Certificate.


This entire qualification has been accredited by the NCFE as a level three qualification. This means that the subjects mentioned above are studied at an advanced level. The process of accreditation is run by the NCFE who are responsible for the quality assurance and control it in exactly the same format as any other wards they run.
The qualification is endorsed throughout by the NCFE who are responsible for certification. Successful candidates will receive a Certificate in Bushcraft Leadership Level 3 with both Woodcraft School and the NCFE logo present
This program is designed to equip you with the skills needed to instruct Bushcraft / Woodcraft courses and to lead groups in lowland Britain. The program is working towards you achieving a certificate from a national awarding body in both expedition and leadership skills, as well as field study skills.

NCFE = National Council for Further Education

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