Friday, 14 May 2010

The Emergency Prevention Handbook - Coming Soon!

The Emergency Prevention Handbook by Louise Brookes

A handbook of working methods and examples for optimising our adaptive capacity to climate change and humanitarian crises for individuals and global communities.

As an Advanced Survival Instructor and Permaculture Designer I have fifteen years experience in ecological community-led restoration projects and expeditions.

I have been collecting these 'tools' and putting this book together for the last two years. I am approaching agents and publishers; but considering publishing it myself. I want it to reach the people who really need it; in the fragile communities around this earth and those heavily out of balance places we have come to accept as 'normal'.

Environmental degradation, the struggles of refugees, and escalating conflict and economic instability mean that we need to apply the solutions that we already have, urgently and comprehensively. Too often solutions are used in isolation, by one group that promotes their solution. Together these solutions have a powerful positive remedial impact.

I have put all these methods and the bare bones instructions that enable to you to make them happen wherever you are and whatever your situation.

It is a handbook in the truest sense and brings a multiplicity of approaches together. It is practical; you can apply every method wherever you are, read about how it has already proven itself, about what it solves and how.

I see it as an Earth Medic First Aid kit. It fuses the essence of survival knowledge with the holism that is permacuture design, deep ecology and ecological restoration techniques and then it sets out in a step-by-step style how to get from very messy room (see planet) too tidy room (see planet and us 'living in balance'). But then it is also like a cook book because it is simple, if you follow the recipe you will get the result.

It is not about energy efficient lightbulbs, solarpanels and recycling; it's about the fundamentals of what we will change to be sustainable, of what our future will look like. I call it an Emergency Prevention Handbook because it's tone is similar to preventative medicine. I think that to have our optimum level of adaptive capacity it is like having a strong immune system. For the planet's immune system to be bolstered we have to have ecological diversity, we need cycles to be closed as they are in nature, all of us need to consider the consequences of all of our actions.

The other marvellous thing I have noticed is that we can become wealthy and abundant when we nurture our adaptive capacity - all of us, everywhere can. The economies or free economies that spring from these systems are sound.

I have spent my life learning what it takes to live in balance with our environment, it is not around us, we are in it and most of us are terribly out of step with it.

But I am not dispirited. Grass bounces back when you tread on it, dandelions cover your lawn after you mow it and weeds (lovely often edible weeds) grow up through your tarmac. It's just a matter of rounding off a few sharp edges, adjusting a few medieval laws and learning to play second fiddle to the spirit that moves through all things.

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Please check out and have an amazing life. Thanks.

Copyright 2010 Louise Brookes

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