Friday, 28 May 2010

What I learned from King Corn

King Corn - 1/4

What I learned from watching King Corn:-

Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis rock

The GM corn variety has 'No nutritional value and only adverse metabolic effects'

Cows die from eating their corn feed within 6months from acidosis and stomach ulcers. Which is why they end up on your plate sooner. They are kept in feeding compounds where they can’t move so they get fatter and there is no grass, and they eat allday…

Also the corn is GM corn containing the B1 toxin, and being immune to the pesticide 'Liberty' which farmers need to kill all the surrounding ‘weeds’ often edible weeds like Lambsquarters.

Eating our 'corn' diet gives a higher risk type two diabetes.

More people are dying of diabetes.

You don't get a biological off-switch that tells you to stop drinking/eating things with high fructose corn syrup - e.g. soda

A guy lost 100lbs from just not drinking soda.

You lose money growing corn but you regain it from government subsidies.

You wouldn’t be growing industrially if it wasn’t for the government subsidies.

‘We aren’t growing quality, we’re growing crap, the finest quality crap the world has ever seen’ Corn Farmer Iowa,

Earl Butz helped create the present food system to increase yield lower working hours, and lower amount of pay spent on food to approximately 17%.

They used to pay farmers not to produce. So when Earl Butz became secretary he stopped that system. He considers it the basis of affluence because people feed themselves with only 17% of takehome pay they can spend surplus cash on something else. People used to spend over half their pay on food.
Now its a commercial operation not a family operation.
I also considered the fact that starving people are given maize to eat, no doubt from these maize mountains. that they make ethanol from corn which is a fuel resource. That you can make corn plastic
The thing is if the Liberty spray kills everything else – anything that doesn’t have this B1 toxin genetically inbuilt into the seed - will die.

I learnt that whereas 40bushels an acre was a great thing years ago, now they had a crop of 180bushels using the corn that could be grown closer together. But because the protein had been pushed out by encouraging the starch it was nutritionless.
I saw the concentrated feeding farms (Oprah actually drove past these on her road trip with Gayle King and they said 'phew' it stinks and it was 'wrong'). I personally thought it was horrendous and cruel.

I don't want to eat corn. Because corn is fed to both chickens, cows, and everything else - I don't want to eat them either. In fact my mother is allergic to both corn and wheat syrup. And we ate some corn chips but both of us had an acidosis reaction to this. Fortunately years before this film I recognised an acidosis reaction, and thought a bitter might help, so we use Goldenseal Tincture to offset these symptoms with great affect. My cousin nearly died passing out on the motorway from a similar wheat syrup reaction. My mother couldn't watch the end of this film because of her reaction to the corn chips we had just eaten.

Moral of the story is industrialisation of agriculture is not going to work. Economics has gone to far and just because something is 'economical' does not make it right. there is another rnatural way to increase yield and food production using permaculture and forest gardens in a way which doesn't have these disastrous life threatening side effects.

People need to know about this and not choose to eat this stuff. You have to source your own food. Already things with more natural sugars are ceasing to be found in stores. In South America they are shipping Round up Ready SOIL for gods sake to replace that which has been eroded by farming techniques.

Because another consequence of such large scale farming and increasing the size of fields is soil erosion - it literally blows away. You can grow enough food for yourself and your family and more folks on a deceptively small amount of land without any corporate involvement.
Grow your own forest garden it will feed you and generations to come and it won't cost the earth. See the film 'A Forest Garden Year'

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