Thursday, 8 July 2010

The Silent Prejudice of Paperwork

200th Post on Positive Impact Living!

So I don't know what you do when you've reached the 200th blog. Hmmm? Write a book maybe... Fireworks? have a party? Or I could say 'Stop Raping Your Kids go F*** Yourselves' in the great words of Angela Shelton

If you turn a blind eye to the criminal trafficking industry that is upheld in the INjustice system you're allowing kids lives to be a living hell.

I wonder how long it would take if military specialists like the Seals and the SAS were told to take out the people that run the whole thing and not the folks at the bottom of the ladder or the middle men, before this world would be a better place. I mean that's why these guys joined the specialists in the first place to kick some arse.

I'd like to see them abseiling into a cult and freeing enslaved kids; or turning up in the Congo and liberating child soldiers. Now that would be a positive impact.

Or, all the resources currently spent on conflict, going on education and empowerment to avoid conflict in the future. Go organic, get out of conflict anything; conflict diamonds, metals, ammunitions - they're highly related to conflict as is fertiliser because it's made of the same thing Nitrates. If you support the fertiliser industry; if you eat non organic food, if you sprinkle it in your garden, you're inadvertently supporting conflict in the world

Or refugees, the unemployed and the homeless given an exit strategy. Because you know there's no paperwork for these folk and sometimes they're just a form away from freedom. I know because I have been there; or they're an extortionate deposit away from actually being able to start university let alone finish it. Or a quarter of a million pounds away from being able to freely own a squalid little flat in London that you still have to pay council tax on and it takes you 25years at a crap job to keep a roof over your head.

Well I have slept better in a hammock swinging amongst the trees. So property agents can go F*** themselves. And the crap job employers are going to have to look for someone else. You can't earn enough money to live on a crap job wage anyway, you're forced into debt to make ends not meet and you can never never save. I know it used to be different but this is how it is now. If you haven't figured that out and you're in a crap job (or jobs) trying; working your blessed socks off, I'm sorry. People say don't look down upon minimum wage jobs as un-dignifying - well get F***** they are undignifying. There's more disrespect in those disposable type jobs,where you're the disposable one than almost anywhere else, no matter how much self-esteem you've got. And you can't make ends meet I know I've tried. I tried with two jobs, one full time one part time so I had no days off, I was homeless, and I couldn't make it work. You can't even save up for a deposit on flat. People that 'make it work' have parents who buy them a flat or pay their way through university, or they're business geniuses.

If someone hasn't got the right form, help them anyway. If you're a bureaucrat give them the goddam form. It's like paperworkism - a very subtle form of prejudice and segregation. If you have form IB70 then you can get a job, get a house, get insurance, learn to drive; but woe for you if you can't get form IB70 - then you're really F*****

For example I came to France in 07 and that year Sarkozy had just scrapped a scheme for people who came from the UK who hadn't bought enough National Insurance stamps to qualify for French Insurance. Now I hadn't bought enough because I had spent my life being sick with neither job nor benefits because I was too sick to sort out either - I just survived. So I arrived in France to help my family who'd had some misfortune and found myself without a box, no-one knew what to do with me. The bureaucrats themselves didn't know what to do, so how was I supposed to. I was sent on a wild goose chase.

Eventually, two years later I have discovered that a form I received when temporarily working in France (and was previously told didn't count for anything because it had 'run out') actually could have qualified me the whole time. Lucky me for doing a spot of grape picking. That's two years of my life wasted; unable to get insurance, unable to work officially, unable to settle or do anything. So thanks a bunch.

The same thing happened in the UK a lot when I was sick. I had been so ill with M.E or Chronic Fatigue and Asthma/Eczema that I couldn't get up to get water to drink and nearly died a few times. One day I felt well enough to walk to the benefits office to try and get sickness benefit. Essentially it came down to points; the form asked me if I could walk, see, hear etc. I was like 'yes, yes, yes'. The day before however it would have been 'No, no,no' and besides I wouldn't have been there, in the office, because I couldn't even move. There was no option for an illness that wasn't a permanent condition. The fact that my M.E took me several years to recover from and people don't normally recover - was only because I took the rare step of getting Tibetan Medicine which does cure chronic conditions.

So that meant no sickness benefit and I walked home because I didn't qualify for enough 'points'. I walked home feeling hopeless, feeling like S***. feeling like something society had spat out.

I'm a clever person, I could have been useful, I could have studied. If I'd had a little help. It's very demoralising to be shunned because of paperwork. Your life literally comes down to a piece of paper. And everyone else seems to have that piece of paper.

If we are going to be enlightened or civilised. If our futures are going to be different; we need LESS paperwork, not MORE. In fact possibly even NONE. No paperwork, nada. Also countries, nations need to stop forming barriers between each other. If you identify as your nationality it supports another form of racism, subtle but there, that says anyone not from YOUR country is an 'alien'. How ridiculous.

In the future nationality will be a thing of the past - hopefully only there in a cultural/traditional context.

And that would mean no-one needs a passport and you could live anywhere. And why not? Can you imagine if Columbus arrived in America and was told by the American indigenous people 'You can't stay here; you haven't got the right paperwork, sorry, go get F*****'. And what's terrible about that is that since then all the 'rights' of those same indigenous people have been taken away because 'they' haven't got the right paperwork. I say F*** paperwork, and for good reason.

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