Sunday, 4 July 2010

President Obama reinstates the Civilian Conservation Corps

The Civilian Conservation Corps was a public relief program for unemployed men ages 18 -24 related to the conservation of natural resources in rural America between 19933-1942. It provided relief for those who found it hard to get jobs in the Great Depression.

It became the most popular program among the public providing relief for 3million people and their families it also raised the awareness and appreciation of the outdoors and the nation's natural resources especially for urban/city youth.

They planted 3 BILLION trees, 800 national parks, and built roads and public buildings and developed wild fire fighting methods.

The question is why HASN'T President Obama reinstated the Civilian Conservation Corps? To clean up the effects of the oil spill AND help the millions of unemployed as well as potentially provide cheaper housing for those families who have been foreclosed upon.

It seems to me that the bail out money could have been used much more wisely for this program, than just giving it to those Bangsters who lets face it aren't very responsible with other people's money. They haven't learnt anything either from causing a financial collapse that has literally killed people (who were driven to suicide) and forced entire families and their children onto the streets or into tent cities.

I like Mr Obama and I am on his side. He is by far the best president for a long time; he's clever and his hearts in the right place; same goes for the First Lady Mrs Obama - super first lady in my opinion. But they're up against a lot and WE need to ACT too to make a difference.
We need to stop tolerating and accepting the oil economy as a NORM. It is not a necessity; most of us have been duped into believing it is.

The first cars ran on Peanut oil, a car can now be designed to run on water, wood gas, and methane from rotted anything. All our energy needs can be provided from methane which is a clean gas, plus it is SO easy to provide you can watch a film here about the Jean Pain Composting method. Also you can fill a dustbin with a wee bit of manure like chicken, and collecting the gas from this will fuel your car which can be easily switched to run on gas. It will also provide electricity and heating and hot water for you house and fertilser for your garden. and minimise forest fires.

You can get free hot water year round using a diy solar water heater. You don't have to pay a fortune for one that looks pretty but you can't fix it youself.

There are simple ways to live without oil; lots of them. And they free you so you don't have to pay bills. They free you FOREVER and they can help very vulnerable people to survive and thrive too. Please see the Emergency Prevention Handbook - tools for optimising our adaptive capacity to humanitarian crises.

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