Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Undoing the chains of property

Right so here's the problem in the UK and the whole world. Buying property has been a way of sequestering land and therefore power for millennia. Initially there was no concept of property in the world, you as a human as free as a bird as they say; but power and war, and royalty and lordship and all that stuff came about and here we are now according to Spareroom.co.uk where
'A third of people who rent do not think they will ever be able to buy a property'.

In the UK people controlling the market have often been nasty slum landlords like Michael Billings and Nicholas van Hoogstraten The other thing that has pushed up property prices to unreachable heights where a small flat can cost a quarter of a million pounds or more, is the practise of people buying second, third homes and also I'm sure that the billionaire buying scheme doesn't help simple folk either.

The good news is that ordinary folk can come together to buy and rent property in the form of a co-operative. The good thing about co-operatives is that once a co-op - always a co-op. It literally takes the property off the market and once it is paid for completely, people who pay rent literally pay £5 a week maintenance and nothing else forever. Because it is possible at minimal cost to become completely self-sufficient and run your home with clean energy you also don't have bills to pay either. Now as this is the way the world is going, has to go and will go; I think it's worth knowing about. If anyone has any complaints about people living in free property, with free electricity and water bills and free food don't hesitate to contact me - I have been really wanting to speak to you. If you don't believe this or don't know how you can go visit Radical Routes learn about ethical investment, go on a Permaculture Course and generally say a very loud F*** You at the normal way of doing things that has so far, caused international wars, genocide, pollution, a hole in the O-Zone layer, oil spills in the gulf stream, child soldiers, rape as a tool of war, and kids being born horrifically deformed in Fallujah because of the toxic fallout from weapons caches pushed into their drinking water (really nice tidying up there guys).

So it would be nice wouldn't it if you make sure what you buy is NOT contributing to all of that, and how you live, and what you eat, what you drive, etc.

Now I know you can live without a lot of stuff. In fact it is my experience that you can live with nothing but knowledge. But these days everyone is under the illusion they need a whole lot more than knowledge and they're being fed lies to make others richer and make a lot of us work harder, or die working, or work aged 7 in India in a sweatshop 12hours a day making safety pins.
Also property has made slaves of us. It is also my experience that I have had great freedom with my simple hammock and a simple shelter and no-one to tell me where I can and cannot be or make me pay rent, or a mortgage.

Don't get me wrong I would LOVE a house - but I don't want one if its just going to hold up this society as it is and not change it for the better - for the ones struggling now and for those to come - like a Housing Co-operative does or co-housing, or land trusts. You have to ask yourself if the way you live your life makes it better for the next generation or not, and reflect upon every way that you live your life.

One day I will live in a world where property and ownership will be a thing of the past; and respect and freedom will be greatly cherished hard won privileges of the present. 'I am that part of the rainforest recently emerged into thinking' John Seed

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