Friday, 21 May 2010

The reason I wrote the Emergency Prevention Handbook

I have been writing the Emergency Prevention Handbook for a long time, but nothing reaffirmed my reasons for writing it more than this film of Angelina Jolie visting Dadaab Refugee Camp.

In fact I realised with hindsight that my entire life has been dedicated to finding solutions for the vast problems humanity and the earth faces because of humanity. From the time I was a tiny child watching the unfolding of the Biafra famine in the eighties, to sitting on a glacier in Iceland as a teenage listening to the unprecendented volume of meltwater finding its way to the sea beneath my feet; to struggling to breathe in an urban street because of the pollution, so much so that I couldn't walk.

I want to train teams in these solutions so that they may take them where they are needed and to this end I hope to set up courses and fund these teams to communities like Dadaab and also to industrialised communties, those responsible for the global dimming that causes droughts in the horn of Africa and potentially. Perhaps one day I will even set up a school.

The thing about these solutions is that anyone can apply them and everyone should as much as they can. We can all be superpowers - don't wait for the governments. Empower yourselves to take responsibility for the future of your lives, your homes, your families and your communities.

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