Wednesday, 19 May 2010

I have a Positivity Monopoly

My profit margins are overflowing
Keep looking up
Keep looking up
I fly so high I left the sky behind

I have a positivity monopoly
All the nay-sayers said I couldn’t
I said I could
I did
I fly so high I left them behind
I could not hear the word ‘No’ any more
Only the thunder of the ‘Yes’ in my blood

Keep flying
Leave them all behind
Rock the boat
Until all the violence pours out
And the hurting ones are soothed

I have a positivity monopoly
And I am gonna share it
You better watch out
You better prepare for it
It’s coming your way

I have a different kind of tidal wave
One that’s full of Love
One that’s full of helping hands
Lifting you from above

Can you hear the roar of Yes’s
Yes you can - You can do it
Yes you will – You will do it
Yes you have - You have done it
I have a positivity monopoly
And I will make sure
It overflows in your direction

Before I die
I will answer why
The world is a better place than it was when I came
I will feel no shame
I will feel no shame

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