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Achieve Everything in Five Simple Steps

Sunrise in the Auvergne
Now, I'm considering everything you can possibly do to change life for the better, the question is are you? So below I've listed the 'everything' I'm going to focus on here within my articles and videos. I've reached a point now where I'm having to do a bit of evaluation, a very necessary step in progression - especially in light of the fact that I've had to stay away for a while due to a shoulder injury. This was one of the 'positive' impacts of starting a new fitness program and spending too long on the computer. In my eagerness I forgot to include balance, and wound up with a torn muscle. To achieve an objective it's maybe better to do it in bitesize chunks. Yes, there might be a lot of bites, that amount to a large chunk, but bitesize is the key.

Be Self Sufficient in 5 Simple Steps
Food, water, housing, energy, transport

At the moment I'm eating locally grown food, using rain water and working on the solar water heater

Be the fittest you can be in 5 Simple Steps
Positivity, focus , using your body, fresh air, input (water & food)

I've slowed down a bit and have adjusted my exercise to include sport like swimming that strengthens the whole body in a more gentle fashion.

Being Positive in 5 Simple Steps
forgiveness ( what's done is done ), feeding the soul (mending broken bits), time, filling your head, big heart

Everyday I have to do battle with old habits and negative emotions that arise. Having been an 'ill' someone for much of my life I'm learning to chuck out this old 'identity' on a daily basis - which takes some imagination.

Overcome obstacles in 5 Simple Steps
determination, small steps, focus, practice, prioritising

I'm learning to do simple things regularly that are particlarly helpful to me, to my head
and my personality. For example I've made getting up at dawn more appealing because I go and take a photos of the sunrise and different things in the beautiful light that you only get at dawn.
So even before anything else I feel like I've done something constructive. It's true that the early bird gets the worm because I'm that much more fired up, clear headed and can get things out of the way that otherwise wait and wait.

Often things don't get done because we don't have a clear idea of the actual steps that are required; exactly which paperwork needs filling out, or who to contact for a business decision. So what could be a useful step waits and waits until we've missed the opportunity or the idea gets swept under the carpet.

I spend a bit of time sitting on the doorstep in the sun and the quiet, really chewing on those 'vague' ideas until they are a series of little do-able steps. Sometimes it's just about talking to the right people and it's always amazing how helpful they are when you finally get the wherewithal to approach them.

Get out of Debt in 5 Simple Steps
First look after your basic needs, have a money plan, turn debit into credit, patience, saving

Boy, this is an ordeal. I've avoided debt most of my life like the plague and consequently have zero credit rating because I've never had a credit card and therefore don't 'exist'. Funny that. Anyhow small debts that I have at present I'm oddly enough paying off in an alternative manner, both are to friends, which in hindsight isn't the best option because it puts money between you and your friend and this can in some cases be disasterous. However, one debt was accidental in that somebody paid for a flight for me, which I couldn't take and only afterwards discovered that there's no way to cancel or get a refund even months before the actual flight has taken off and I'm paying this off in therapeautic massage!
The thing I've discovered about debt is that it haunts you, it can make you feel like a slave to a place or a job, and sometimes it feels like a yoke you can never shake off. For many people the best option really is bankruptcy, and for others who can see a light at the end of the tunnel a money plan and loan management are the way to go. Also and this I strongly believe, it's important to have a bit of money that's not for bills/loans even if it's tuppence. This is your 'reliable' income and gives you leeway to deal with emergencies, get away from it all and generally have something to fall back on. It's a psychological boost to have this 'free' money and you should make a point of creating it by having a garage sale, doing some out of work consultation or making and selling jam. It's for you, not the bank, nor the investors, you and you deserve it. This is such a huge step in turning around the debt mentality.

Owning property in 5 Simple Steps
Co-operatives, Trusts, Companies, Co-housing, Ecovillages

I don't own any property, yet. In Britain to get a home you're looking at £250 000 for something that isn't a one bedroom ----hole. That's a quarter of a million pounds and is utterly ridiculous. So my short/longterm plan is to buy a cubbyhole, and get my foot in the door of the property market and roll from there. It isn't to pay rent (like a stream of endless outgoings) to a landlord so they can keep their foot in the property market on the back of my work. I'd rather live with my folks and funnily enough... Anyhow, i'm certainly not the only one. I have also in my life lived in a housing co-op, with a land trust, at an ecovillage, in a squat, with friends and strangely enough rented my own place, as well as under a cart, in a hammock and in a snow hole on a glacier. The comfortablest place believe it or not has been the hammock.

Make money in 5 Simple Steps
Making value, what problem can you solve?, turning action into a habit, breaching your comfort zone, timing

Well, this has certainly had my brains a whirring. I have finally given up the ghost of ever being employed in a low wage job again. One, it didn't suit me, two, it didn't suit me and three, it didn't suit me. Seriously, I have slowly over the years degenerated into the worst minimum-wage employee ever, in my opinion. Even if managers have thought otherwise, I have so had it with working stupid hours turning into a moronic person who dusts, waits and is continually obliging for people on the 'otherside' for nothing but someone elses room to live in, in a house I can't do anything to and for an hourly wage that I can't afford to buy a Harry Potter book with. Consequently, I'm having to do something else instead and why not? I don't have kids or other responsibilities which would force me to reconsider getting up at 5am to clean offices (and very laudable to if you're an office cleaner). My savings have almost dried up so I'm writing my little heart out, endeavouring to create a valuable positive life enterprise (cue loud and raucous applause).

Creating Multiple Income in 5 Simple Steps
Turning dreams into reality, zero income - multiple income, land based/cyber space or both, hard copy, graft

Don't just consider one value that you have, consider all of them. There's probably something there that would be a gold mine, brainstorm everything that could earn you some money.
Maybe you started off cleaning cars, or clearing tables, then you did a bit of computer consultation - there's three things already. Use all of them.

Make your own Energy in 2 Simple Steps
vitality and knowlege = electricity!

Don't neglect what gets you from A-B. Your feet, your food, your fuel. Seriously investing in yourself in a physical manner by looking at your fuel use and what other options are there could save you a mint and leave you with spare bill free time. I'm concentrating on building my health at the moment both mentally and physically and my wealth and then I'll be at the stage where I can consider this step even more.

Ecological Restoration in 5 Simple Steps
Energy reflects natural cycles, closing the loops, house by house, street by street, D.I.Y ?

In someways this is similar to the last step except it's looking at widening your circle of positivity to include your wider physical and social environment. All of us impact our own lives and this has it's own kind of impact on those around us, often when the way clears ahead of ourselves, so someone else will see a way through their own life. I call this ecological restoration because our old way of life has caused the natural balance to be way off with all of it's consequences and as we implement some physical changes in our bodies and in our homes that reflect a natural cycle so we contribute as a stabilising factor to ourselves, our family's and the planet. You don't have to be a Naturalist to understand the water cycle, the life cycle, or the food cycle. As a human being you're born with the instinct to detect and understand the connections between all things. Even if all you've been able to detect is that there's something not right with your world, that something's missing, then it's clear that your switched on and in working order. It's only a series of small steps further to being the change you wish to see in the world.
sunrise horses

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