Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Choosing how to live

I love this quote - 'Where am I willing to die? It all depends on how I’m choosing to live.' Sheena wrote in this post.

In my life I have done my bucket list. I did as much as I could and then one day it became unnecessary. I had a dream I did everything it is possible to do in a human existence. I did every career ( did it all in a kind of sped-up real time where I remembered doing it). At the end when there was literally nothing left to do, I found myself in a red desert in that beautiful time of the night when some of the sky is still light and blue and yet it is dark. Nearby a group of bushmen elders sat (like Kalahari bushmen) they moved aside so that there was space for me to sit. They said nothing, but there was some laughter that I had finally arrived as though it took me a long enough time to figure out the truth. They had on loin cloths and a digging stick/spear and nothing else but the flames of the fire, the night, the desert and Oceans of wisdom. And then I woke up....
What do you do when you have 'done' everything already? That's how I woke up.

Since I dreamt that dream I have been in one long, extended gesture of thoughtfulness, like a two year long repose. Kind of like surrender or saturation or both.

I love finding the other yogis out there; Sheena yogis.

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