Monday, 9 August 2010

Take that L'Oreal

So everyone is making their own cosmetics. Well a lot more folk are and WHY is that? The shelves, the shops, the stalls are stacked with cosmetics. In Afghanistan you can purchase the latest hair, make up, body mask-not-quite-bomb-proof-age-reducing substance (puts a whole new spin on it that does) and plaster it all over in the hope of staving off wrinkles, or dryness or god forbid saggy bits.

Except we're all turning to the kitchen cupboard. We're splitting egg whites, we're looking for pure mud - just the mud nothing else. We're searching for Natural Oils, not the denatured gumph that's being spewing in the Gulf these last months - after all that IS mostly what our cosmetics have been made of. And our toothpaste is the leftovers from the Aluminium industry.

The big companies have been making a great BIG extra profit all these years, by making sure nothing goes to waste. Nothing at all. And if they can put it into something we use and buy EVERYDAY, perfect, it all adds up in the precious columns of profit.

Except for one thing; I can't use ANY of their stuff. None of it. Sensitive skin you see, so sensitive it just about fell off when I turned up on the planet and breathed.
Lanolin, mineral oil, petroleum jelly, any kind of preservative and more recently the soya and coconut derivatives that are killing Orangutans. It seems anything made, processed by a BIG company wants to kill me. I am almost thinking there's a real effort to try and kill me. If its not the fumes making my lungs rebel, its the washing powders with 'enzymes' that make your whites whiter than white, only this white goes a shade of deep red and attempts to die when it comes into contact with the lethal everyday household product. Oh my poor genetic heritage - maybe one day I'll be able to buy a tub of new genetic heritage and plaster it on and be reborn as a God with eternal life and similar godly attributes. Except I doubt it, immortality doesn't sit well with those on high; there's an overpopulation problem don't you know; they have a scarcity consciousness?

So I retreat for some sanity to a bottle of extra virgin olive oil or freshly squeezed lemon juice. I find consolation in almond oil and surprises in the herb cabinet. Cloves fight tooth decay and so does the humble Tea Tree oil (though don't swallow the stuff) so does Myrrh, used for thousands of years.
Oats are a soap when you add water, hey presto! Even the most sensitive skin is soothed with the simplicity of oats. In fact 'saponins' the quality of soap is in a lot of green stuff including grass. That's why when you go camping you can wash your pots with water, grass and ash and it works really well. Wow! My mum was trying to clean the fire place and for years she'd used this stuff that nearly killed me if I was within a few feet of it and I said 'Why don't you use the ash and some vinegar?' and it wasn't until one day she ran out of her cleaning product that she took my advice and WOW it worked better than the chemical cocktail.
It is sooo true nowadays that you should take everything with a pinch of salt. But if someone is making a profit from what they are selling you and it has anything remotely chemical in it, you should take it with a whole shipment of salt. Because some of it is killing us. Not just me with my flawed genetic watsit that made staying alive very precarious and forced me to become an ingenious genetically mutated hippy hybrid; but people like you.

If you've just cracked open a can of soda it is 100% likely that you have just swallowed the latest in death speeding cocktails 'glucose fructose'. It used to be simply sugar in those things - from sugar cane. But now it is a GM version of corn or wheat that's been so processed it couldn't get more different from the original. Its killing off the cows that they feed the 'corn' it comes from to. They're dying from acidosis and holes in their tummies. It's appalling the suffering of those animals. So what do they do? The FDA says it's OK to put it in soda, in cereals, in desserts, in sweets and liberally apply it to our kids. OMG everyone is getting sooo FAT, and they're getting diabetes, OMG obesity and heart disease have risen so HIGH in the last ten years, OMG. People like my mum and I have been forced to stop eating wheat products (coz they're no longer wheat) but primarily the glucose fructose because we damn near pass put. My cousin did pass out - on the motorway...

Everyone I know knows someone who's 'allergic'. Our family members are dying like flies from this or that cancer (it is MORE, way MORE than it used to be as attested by those who can remember). Sod the flying bombs of WW2, this stuff is staring up at us from our breakfast cereals and we bought it because it said 'Natural goodness' on the front. What complete knuckleheads we are... we are beating ourselves up and shortening our lives starting with cleaning our teeth and looking in the mirror.

When my mum got her severe reaction to this stuff we did the obvious and stopped buying it in the first place. Except it's in EVERYTHING. Whatever used to have sugar in it now has it in. What I wouldn't give for a natural cream cake that had actual fresh cream in it and real pastry, OMG but no, not gonna happen unless I make it.

But I'm not going to put that on my face.  Everyone is in the same chemical confusion, it doesn't matter whether we run the companies selling it or are kneeling at the end of the conveyor belts swallowing the stuff with our hands tied behind our backs. There is ignorance to a degree that I find incredible. All these intelligent people, doctors, scientists, managers - saying 'It's OK. It's SAFE'.

Hmmm? Why don't I believe you? After one of mum's worse reactions I went away and thought about what might help. It was before I knew about the cows etc. What I knew about gluten reactions/leaky gut syndrome, which is where these 'ose's (glucose, fructose, sucrose) go into your blood stream, was that it causes an acid reaction. Your body is like 'Holy shit... INCOMING' it thinks it's being attacked by the 'missiles it can't recognise'. In the history of your body it never ever saw glucose fructose until like ten years ago. So it shuts down, blood pressure gets scary, you keel over, your blood is boiling in an acidosis reaction to the scary stuff. It's actually trying to protect you. Its trying to do the right thing to 'KILL' the invading bastard'oses'. So I thought about 'bitter herbs'.
Bitter herbs do the opposite, they calm the acid reaction, they alkalise the blood. Many of them have magical properties - really and NO side effects. Goldenseal is one of these, with breast cancer curing properties, its superb for tummy things, a natural antibiotic its great against Flu and other viruses, also for skin healing.
I doused my mum liberally with some glycerin based Goldenseal and it WORKED. Instead of passing out for hours, she recovered quickly. Go Dr Lou! I am qualified up to the rand of my boots in medicine - literally I have about an inch of traditional western medicine, but I studied Tibetan Medicine for six years and most of all I was forced to study myself. Truly we are our own best doctors up to a point. I realised early on that Doctors know nothing at all about skin problems. They didn't know that my eczema/asthma was caused by my gut going OMG look at all the chemicals, and the STRESS. Help I wanna die now. I had to slowly figure out I was allergic to milk, wheat and eggs the hard way, by being ill and nearly dying. I had to figure out that I couldn't use 'biological' washing powder because I would 'biologically' cease to exist once the anaphylactic shock set in. No Dr told me that I had to cleanse my gut for my asthma to calm down, or use blood purifying herbs to heal my skin or attend to my emotions.
And why was I so F***** ill, because some Doctor in the early 80's gave me a cocktail of antibiotics for a cough and a neuroleptic called Phenergan when I was a baby. Because he didn't know did he, I'm assuming, that such a thing is not a good idea. Or that giving vaccines to a baby is like a fast track to them getting some other illness. The antibiotics wiped out my fledgling immune system and and the neuroleptic gave me the apparently rare Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome at aged 2 (which is a bit like that film about the Vietnam era soldiers being guinea pigged on hallucinogens that made them kill each other coupled with acid burning all over your body) and stress suddenly became something I had no weapons to deal with. If you're going to take antibiotics and neuroleptics ONLY do it if you're about to drop down dead anyway - is my advice.

And my other advice is start making your own cosmetics. Sheena of the 'Sociology of Sheena' has some great ideas and practical advice here at Granola Tendencies
Natural is best. The closest to the original is best. yes western medicine can serve us, its diagnostics are excellent if a little slow compared to some traditions and certainly full of holes in relation to chronic conditions. Western medicine needs to develop some new thinking that involves the other world medical traditions that ARE healing people who would otherwise die. Thyroid diseases in Tibetan medicine can be healed even without a thyroid, now you guys can't do that can you? Asthma, eczema, chronic fatigue syndrome, leukaemia, certain cancers, epilepsy, autism, diabetes, M.S, M.E, the FLU, obesity, acidosis... all healed and potentially cured altogether in other medical traditions.
Ageing is caused by a low level of inflammation to our organs. The raw food revolution is happening at the moment and resulting in cancers and obesity being reversed and these same people who were facing imminent death in their twenties and thirties are now glowing icons of the raw food industry - it is happening for a REASON. Because it works. But not for L'Oreal, or Glaxo Smith & Kline, or Kelloggs and especially not for those beneficent folks at Monsanto. I'm sorry chaps you're just going to have to be made redundant or come up with some new and healthier ideas for the rest of us. And some lipstick that's not been tested on animals.

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