Monday, 28 March 2011

Crimes of Science

Pharmaceuticals and drugs companies rarely if ever provide medicine that cures a condition. Only suppress or control it often and usually with terrible side effects, and sometimes resulting in early death. For example I have been given steroids all my life for asthma - in other traditions like Tibetan and Chinese medicine this would have been cured when I was a child. The same goes for diabetes, severe arthritis and many forms of cancer. Herbal medicines often right the imbalance in the body that predisposed a person to an illness so they no longer have the symptoms. I am now having to balance withdrawal from a lifetimes medicines which stop my body from producing its own natural steroids with adopting healthier alternatives.

Drugs companies motive seems so often these days to be profit over welfare. I have only seen a handful of medical miracles - like spray on skin for burns patients, and surgical procedures that DO cure a condition or relieve it. Everything else seems geared towards reseach grants and propping up the pharma industry and professionals outrageously highly paid with little results

I have spent my life searching for solutions for my own health issues and for others both inside and outside the western medical tradition - mainly because it offered me none. And often impeded my progress. I noticed I was only benefitted if I was nearly dying - and we must remember that for 500yrs the medical profession of the west has studied the dead and the ill. From victorian open studies of cadavers to the study of how much dosage a human should have based on the point at which laboratory animals die having consumed however much drug it takes to do that.

It is a pathologically based system.

Only recently is it beginning to study the healthiest people in the world and adopt alternative systems of medicines especially for chronic illnesses because they have proven so effective.

Recently they have banned 60 different herbs. They hold up a handful of negative case studies as a reason, carefully compiled from around the world. When at least 50000 people or more are dying every year from western drugs related sideeffects I call that an abomination and a crime. We go to health professionals because we trust them to know more than we do. Well it strikes me that this has become a dangerous misplacement of trust. MRSA and other germs have got out of hand in hospitals. I have heard many stories of people given antidepressants who then become suicidal. I have lost friends who have comitted suicide after taking these drugs. And I have also had friends who stopped taking them because they recognised this in themselves. It is about time these crimes of science were looked at and addressed and responsibility placed on the heads of those who profess it and carry it out.

Some of the ‘banned’ herbs are the reason I am here, they helped me heal significantly. They were once part of our everyday diet, as simple as the salads you buy in the supermarket. The real reason they have been banned is because they have become a huge competition to pharma drugs because they work. Not only do they work but they don’t cost very much and frequently grow abundantly in the wild.
If you want this economic centred focus to take away your rights to freedom and well being – go right ahead, don’t say anything, remain silent. But if you want to retain your rights, have these flaws of the scientific industry investigated, addressed and reformed – then say something. We owe it to ourselves, our children and the people we have lost because of the myopia of science and the greed of corporations in the health industry.

I appreciate hearing your views of your experience with modern and alternative medicines!

Thank you


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