Friday, 18 March 2011

The Opposite of Devastate

People are reeling from terrible things
In this world

Falling out and melting down

In this world
I find myself in
People are reeling from terrible things.

Quaking, rumbling and tumbling

And running and rushing

And waiting - for help

After this shock

Can we erupt with a love quake?
Defend the helpless
With effort that's a magnitude 10.
Open our hearts like an ocean?
Fuse the estranged with the notion; you are not alone.

Can we react with a fission of understanding and empathy
And generate a visible Rise-IN of kindness and love?

Neither helpless nor hopeless

We carry in us the opposite of devastate
We can build
We are risers
We raise hope
We rise up
We raise help
We rise IN

This fallout; millen-ium(s) of ignorance
Piled up debris of brokenness
Is the beginning of the end - of defeat

People are reeling from terrible things in this world
But in you is an incorruptible element
It endures beyond all things
It has no half life
It shares a whole life
It does not split but unites
It does not destroy but creates
It is the opposite of devastate

We have a clear urgency
We're solidifying
Cooling tempers and calming fears
Water and steam and fires of the heart

We're rising up
Pumping the waters of hope
From the endless sea
Come rise
Rise up with me

We are the opposite of devastate

I know 6billion reactors
Full of the electricity of hope

We are the epicentre of create.

We are the opposite of devastate.

It is time to elevate

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