Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Lara Logan, Genderism, Journalism and Quality.

You know I think Lara Logan is one of the few journalists to still be saying it like it is, and I don't think her terrible experience in Egypt is going to stop that happening, I think instead it will inform it.

For example the Tahir Squre story of celebration of the end of a dictatorship turned out not to be the biggest story - the biggest story in my mind was evidenced by the mistaken racism unleashed, and in particular genderism shown by the random men in that square who felt able to take Lara's life in such a violent manner without any retribution...

That she got away was entirely because of her fighting spirit and chance - landing in the lap of an egyptian women and initially being protected by them (and a few men) and then also by the actions of her team in initiating the help of the egyptian army.

The entire 'woman bashing' was one of many similar events going on across the world but in particular unfolding in north african countries and many places where men still 'rule' so to speak. And women as whole are regarded as 'less than'.

I myself have suffered a lot of unwanted attention from north africans and middle easterns who seem to have no idea of appropriate behaviour with women. It's not just them I've encountered it from men from any background but it seems to proliferate in societies and situations where women aren't respected as equal.

Lara is like the opposite of an oppressed woman and yet here she's suffered something so many women suffer, which journalism needs to address. It's not a back story, this issue of inequality between women and men, it runs right through the middle of the revolutions in the middle east.
People need to associate with societies with such rampant inequality, with more awareness. If you see no women in the picture it's because they're not included... And the amount to which they are shows how much say they do and don't get in matters pertaining to their rights and to society in general.

I refuse to be looked down upon by anyone for any reason and I will not do that to others. None of us is 'less than' for any reason whether it's because we're a woman or child, because we do or don't have a passport, or a house or a job. Nor is anybody 'more than' for any reason whether it's status, property or money... I think Lara is fearless.
She has fearlessly shared an absolutely soul annhilating experience, in her words to 'break the silence'

And she is fearlessly facing her fears in order to one day be back in the game she chooses. I expect her experience may choose somewhat for her. Things like this don't happen for no reason.

You might think fearlessly facing fears is an oxymoron - it's not, because I've done it, many people have done it. When you have fear and you continue anyway you don't do it with nothing, you do it with courage. Unfortunately suffering a trauma can massively amplify a fear, especially if you had no idea how long it would go on for, 25minutes can feel like 25 years and all the emotions and thoughts therein.

I would like to ask a few questions I'd like answered in my lifetime.

One can Muslim/Islamic countries have equality between men and women? For that matter can western countries truly have that too? We've tried at least and some are better at it than others...

Can we take the system of abuse and control that's in our society and our homes and workplaces, out of our heads and hearts; out of our speech and our bearing?

Can we stop chucking weapons and armies around for corpolitical or politorate interests? And perhaps use them in a humanitarian manner... to protect the innocent and oppressed, to recover from disasters not create them...?

And having asked those questions how can we answer them. I think the Lara Logans of this world are doing a fine job of that... And they're everywhere. The ones who create answers are the Egyptian woman whose lap she fell in somehow after being dragged by the mob... her answer was to wrap her arms around Lara. And the women and men with her.. their answers were to draw around Lara and to fend the mob off with water; no guns, no ammunition, water... Water to protect the innocent.

When that is the armies job isn't it... I see no victory in death. I see no celebration in violence. I see it in a stranger opening their arms to protect a stranger picked on by a mob created not just by their own actions, but by all of the conditions that led to their actions. All of the anti Israel, and anti-Jewish rhetoric they had downloaded but in particular all of the anti-woman words, action and silence they had grown up with that reinforced that. The middle east and Muslim countries like these don't evidence respect for women... This is not respect for women...?? And Lara's right when she says it 'Should not be happening'.

We have to detoxify ourselves of inequality in all ways, in speech, in behaviour... in thoughts and feelings... It doesn't mean we all have to look the same; inequality is not countered by sameness... By not being anti-race or religion or gender, you don't have to be 'for' something... you can just refuse to be against. It's about equality of respect... of existence... of value and self esteem... Not looks, beliefs, politics, nationalism and gender...
I am proud to be the same as you, neither less than nor more than. It's about quality, not inequality or equality...
What is the quality? Lara Logan has it. Do you? Does your family, your work place? Does your school? What about your country? Does your religion have it? Are you 'less than' or 'more than'? And what are you if you're neither?

You can watch the story of her experience here

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