Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Most Disgusting Article I Ever Read

You can read it here.... I thought it was a joke. But no its real. I wonder are they feeling guilty coz of the kids dying of asthma because of what they do... Not being able to breathe wow thanks - that should be a human right you know and they should be done for human rights abuse. I remember my asthma school, Shell oil company came along and took photos of us in these jumpers with the Shell logo on and then the jumpers got taken away
I couldn't walk before I was 4years old because of car fumes, and industrial pollution. I watched friends die, not in a war, but because they couldn't breathe. Because the world created this monster. And I nearly died alot. Bloody miracle I'm here and healthy - no thanks to them.
People then say, 'But they can't be that bad - theygive to charity' Thats why all the rich folk have a foundation, like the Rockerfella foundation or the ones that back GM research, all run by the same money/powergrabbers. Grrr! I'm such a gentle person, I don't like getting angry... but if I ever met one of these suits Iwould tear them apart with my words, so hard they would never be able to go back to work. Ironically I was on those inhalers for decades and now I have one for emergencies. Which is ironic as the same inhalers were responsible for my nearly dying. I now learned the buteyko method of breathing, stopped dairy and stress as much as possible and have some herbs for asthma... Also tbetan stuff helped a lot as did a mineral supplement called Maximol and Natures Plus cleanse kit too.... inside out healing. And talkingabout my EMOTIONS really really helps a lot...
15000 people have recommened that coal cares site... We're doomed. We at Peabody want to make Asthma-Related Bullying (ARB) a thing of the past' I'll give them asthma related bullying. I've got asthma directly related to them, and boy I wish I was a bully and they weren't a giant corporation because I'd put them head first in a pile of coal dust and ask them to breathe deeply... Or take steroids all their life... or do their shopping while carrying another human and being underwater, as thats what its like. These people have been doing water torture effectively to people with their work... stopping us breathing... for money. And we don't need coal. There's enough power from renewables for the whole planet and you can driveyour car on methane gas.
'"But why should weak lungs mean the end of your social life? We are excited to help a whole new generation of children hold their heads high while inhaling." Angela Smith-Wooten, President of Peabody's Global Corporate Social Responsibility Division. Weak lungs my ****. If my lungs were weak I wouldn't be here. I have strong lungs because Im still alive after breathing in all their crap. I don't want their stupid steroid puff puff. That I had to take, which stopped my own body producing steroidds naturally until I healed myself. 'How can we afford not to? Coal is a $7 billion per year industry, producing more than half of all U.S. electricity. We know we can't do this without you, the consumer, and especially without your children, who will continue consuming coal long after you're gone. We depend on your children's mental well-being and goodwill.' WTF! WTF! Notice how they write MENTAL well being... coz your kids and grandchildren will be really messed up.
Well here's one consumer you'll have to do it without... Bye then. And if anyone who reads this has any sense you'll bring down the coal industry too for good. So as kids can breathe again and learn to walk before they;re four years old, and not died when they're eleven, or before that.
Peabody Energy has put a price on killing children - making $7billion is too much to stop. Know what, they'd probably do it for 70 cents.

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