Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Amma Dancing

'It is not death, but immortality and bliss that life is all about' Amma
You can find out more about Amma at her website or read my article
I recommend reading this article Iraq veterans need love and embrace

Also Amma singing Mata Rani at the end of darshan 54th birthday celbrations. Amma has stained sari from giving blessing (darshan) by hugging so many thousands of people, that is also why she has bruised cheek! And Radha and Krishna - Amma couldn't believe her eyes and burst into laughter when brahmachari Sivan, who plays tabla for Amma's bhajans came dressed as Radha.
And Govinda Gokula Aayo
Amma’s advice is that we should never fear that our own small light of love and faith will not be enough to dispel the gathering darkness of fear and hatred in the world around us… together, our many tiny flickering lights can shine like the sun and illuminate the whole world.

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