Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The 8 ways of living long and strong

My salad comes from the garden. I eat red clover leaves, chives, dandelion leaves, parsley, cleavers, brussel sprout leaves, chickweed and broccoli leaves. I add sheep's cheese, olives, olive oil and herbs.
It's free, organic and yummy.

Wild Greens are the first of the 8 steps to longevity. They grow for free in your garden - just don't mow! They are extraordinary for your health.

Herbal Teas come second. I drink a decoction of Foti root, Dandelion Root, Burdock Root, Ginseng, Boldo Root, Ginger, Pau D'Arco. They purify your blood. Pau D'Arco cured Leukaemia in all its test cases in a south american hospital (see Michael Tierra). Burdock is an essential ingredient in Essiac or Caisse Tea a powerful medicine for healing Breast Cancers as discovered by Rene Caisse.
Sometimes I just pick sage or mint or nettle leaves (you pick these before May) for a tea. My favourite is Lemon Balm.

The other 6 steps are:-
3 - Low sense of Time Urgency - work gets done when it gets done
4 - Daily naps - 30 mins five times a week
5 - Mountain Living - You get fit just strolling around in the fresh air
6 - Strong sense of community
7 - Goats milk
8 - Ikarian diet of mediterranean style meals that are high in veg, beans, olive oil, potatoes and low in meat, fish, sugar and grains.
Your Optimum diet is something many of us have yet to discover. Humans are the only mammals to cook their food. The only advice Buddha gave regarding physical health was to not eat until you were full but to leave your stomach a quarter empty. Stop eating before you get full.

Find your way out of Trauma:-

The Survivor Warrior Workbook
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'Prepare to be Raw' by Matthew Warner

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Please check out and have an amazing life. Thanks.

Copyright 2010 Louise Brookes

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