Friday, 9 April 2010

Hyperbole or a very real answer to your prayers?

Did you know that Essiac or Caisse tea can cure Breast cancer?
But the pharmaceuticals don't want you to know that. You can find out about Caisse Tea and Rene Caisse here:-
and watch a film about her life here...

I once read the case notes of all her patients treated with Essiac. There were people with Oesophagus Cancer in its advanced stages, all breast cancers and also a variety of other cancers and illnesses. Essiac helped all of them. Rene herself had breast cancer and had had one surgery and was planning for another when she met a woman who had a healed breast cancer scar and Rene asked her how; the woman answered she had just got a tea for it from the medicine man of her tribe and that tea was Caisse Tea. Rene developed tested and then sold Essiac to the Pharmaceuticals in the hope that it would be more widely shared - only they buried it, and she had to go underground to make and supply it and continue to help people.
I also know that in 100% of Leukaemia cases treated with Pau D'Arco in South America, all the patients fully recovered.
Pharmaceuticals are in it for the money, western medicine has become a business. Doctors aren't necessarily to blame because it is the pharmaceuticals who supply them with the tools they use to treat people
Recently there has been a swathe of deaths due to the side effects of laboratory drugs; we hear about some of them like Heath Ledger and Michael Jackson. My father was also severely weakened by the drugs he was given. I believe he would still be here had he not taken any.
Personally if I had breast cancer my first actions would be to stop having milk or dairy as since the addition of Bovine Growth hormone to cows to stimulate their milk production breast cancer has escalated. Also in China before milk was culturally introduced, there were the least cases of breast cancer. Milk is an unnatural human food; its a bit like cows drinking human milk - see - that's just plain weird. Also the milk is pasteurised and therefore doesn't have the enzymes we need to digest it.
I would take Essiac Tea and I would concentrate on improving my lymphatic drainage through exercise, massage and changing my diet so it contained more raw foods and superfoods.
I personally would not have radiation or chemotherapy as these weaken your vital energy to such a degree that your life can be shortened whether or not the cancer is put in remission. There's a strange weighing up in western medicine that suggests for example that it is ok to prescribe say an anti-psychotic like Risperidone to many people with minor mental illnesses or nervous system disorders like PTSD; even though the side effects will cause Prolactinoma (tumours on the pituitary) or Hypergonadism in men potentially causing impotence and even tardive dyskinesia which is an incurable potentially fatal disease, as well as diabetes and a host of other possible and usually worse symptoms than the original that presented itself.
Also they are not treating the original symptoms, but suppressing them - they rarely if ever address the cause of an illness.
I would only consider western medicine as a pathological form of treatment i.e. If I was about to drop down dead and also for their diagnostic abilities and there are their empirical successes like insulin for diabetes and penicillin- which work too!
So yes getting diagnosed early is so important.
But when people die unnecessarily because of the arrogance of western medicine to not even consider what works, the empirical results of thousands of years of indigenous knowledge that have proven cures without side effects - then this is a step backwards.
In the 1840's a Doctor Ignaz Semmelweis noticed that there were less deaths of pregnant women in the midwifery ward compared to his own where young male doctors worked. The only difference he could see was that the male doctors performed autopsies in the morning before delivering babies and the Midwives were not permitted. He realised there was a connection because his doctors were performing autopsies on the women who had died the day before. He developed cleaning agents like Chlorinated Lime and made the doctors wash their hands; the rates of death dropped from 18% to 3% in only several months. He published papers on it but was scorned by the medical community even after he published again twenty years later. A Dr Charles Delucena Meigs retort was 'Doctors are gentlemen, and gentlemen's hands are clean'.
My point being that the relief of suffering has been put second place to arrogance and narrow mindedness; not necessarily even because of science as science is not to blame only the scientists that wield it; certainly profit and the monopolising of profits from insurance and development of treatments is directly responsible for people's unnecessary and premature demise.
If herbs and alternative medicines like Caisse Tea and Pau D'Arco, and the powerful effects of raw foods and superfoods were given the credit due to them and their powerful results - there would be an amazing change in our society from one of dogged ill-health to one of incredible well being. We have to focus on the means to create health not just suppression of the symptoms of illness. A chinese doctor was paid to keep the body well, like a mechanic who keeps the vehicle running - you attended a physician so you wouldn't get ill in the first place. That's a whole different spin on the idea of preventative medicine.
Doctors are still arguing these days about the benefits of fruit and vegetables - that is medieval. Of course if you build your body out of the best ingredients, like building a dam with the best quality concrete; you will have the best health you can. The purer and more vital the food, the soil its grown in, the water you consume, the air you breathe, and your environment - the healthier you will be. Its not rocket science.

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