Monday, 5 April 2010

Proposition H8 takes a vacation

They raised like $80million right to fight for the right and to fight against the right for some folks here to declare they love each other and be together when they're dying and belong together in a state of marriage.

That's $80million that could have fed some starving, dying, bleeding broken folks some place like Haiti or Somalia or Florida when the winds come blowing through.

Personally my law comes through the leaves beneath my feet, flows along rivers, in my hair on the breeze, in bird song and the way the ocean leaps in Spring. If I say 'I do' that's it settled, the sky heard me and so did all eternity and if a hospital told me I couldn't come in because I'm not family, I would dig a tunnel through its walls, I would climb up the outside and in through a window, I would wear a white coat and steal a badge, I would suddenly remember we are cousins, we have always been cousins - no piece of paper would stop me, no subjugation of a human right disguised as law would stop me and no policemen would stop me being with the one I love when they are dying.

People should attend to history, the origins of law, the ideas behind marriage - how subjugation is tied up in it more than love, how its about property, the price of a wife. The whole damn thing needs changing if you ask me. The law needs an overhaul like cars need M.O.T's. Victims need protection.

The good thing about impermanence is that ignorance is dying - after a while it just gets old and grey and arthritic and it rolls over and dies. Women finally get the vote (its not over yet they've not got the vote EVERYWHERE yet), religious fanaticism and crucifixion go on a cruise into the sunset together and we are left in peace to notice something else needs fixing instead like the garden fence, or the washer dryer. Which is how it should be, but which is how it ain't, not yet, not everywhere, and certainly not now.

I can't wait for the day when a woman or a guy who realises they are gay in Iran or India or Saudi Arabia, are able to come out to their family and they CELEBRATE - 'Celebrate good times come on!...' Like they would if a girl met the boy she fell in love with and they'd welcome him or as it would be if your son met his boyf, 'Come on now, come on in, would you like some tea?' It's not hard is it...

Or if it were a girl born when her parents found out they'd had a girl, - 'It's a GIRL. Yay! Party! Yay! Thank God it's a beautiful girl'

One day that is going to happen, in Alabama, in Tehran, in Delhi.

I heard a friend of mine telling his son not to be a 'Big Girl'. I told him not to be rude - that this was a compliment, women hold the world on their shoulders - they are the ones that give birth to human beings for gods sake; show some respect, get it round the right way.

Proposition H8 has to go - where's the love guys - come on out of the middle ages and join in the fun... and the grace...

I'm going to change the world with my conviction; like Gandhi had that India would one day be free. Like Martin Luther King had that equality would reign. Like Jesus had that Heaven was eternal. When he said 'Love your enemies' he actually said 'Ahebw labwheldbabaykhun' (Guys he spoke Aramaic, a mystical language with multiple layered meanings) which really translates into this :-

'From a hidden place,
unite with your enemies from the inside,
fill the inner void that helps them swell outwardly and fall
out of rhythm; instead of progressing, step by step,
they stop and start harshly,
out of time with you

Bring yourself back into rhythm within.
Find the movement that mates with theirs - like two lovers creating life from dust.
Do this work in secret, so they don't know.
this kind of love creates, it doesn't emote.'

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