Sunday, 27 June 2010

Superhero Cocktail

If I'm feeling low I often spruce up with a Superfood cocktail. I looked for herbs and superfoods that suit my constitution. I have a tea mix (decoction which means you simmer for longer - about ten mins for this - as it has roots in it) and a powdered stuff that I can just down or add to meals. Anyway today for some reason I thought I'd share what's in my Superhero Cocktail.

Since I have used Foti s (there is a story connected to this herb that the oldest recorded living man in China used it along with Chi Gung exercise apparently living until he was over 200).
I have actually had hair grow back on my hair line where it hasn't grown since a trauma as a kid.

Since drinking this tea mix I have also grown two inches in the last few years of drinking this tea - bearing in mind I'm a 31yr old woman, that's kind of a really delayed growth spurt. My energy improved, concentration too. And have had no problems with eczema or asthma since I began using it.

I have also given up wheat and dairy as these really make me ill; tired, almost passing out, sore stomach, sinusitis - possibly because of GM contamination and processing. I developed an egg allergy fro the first time in my life since chickens have been fed on GM corn - thanks a bunch Monsanto.

My friend's migraines went when I suggested she stop wheat and just 'see' - she'd had them daily since she was 8 years old.

I would advise sourcing your herbs from a rigorously organic company, and one that adheres to fairtrade principles.

Tea Mix
Pau D'Arco (Known for curing Leukemia, anti parasitical, blood purifier so good for skin)
Mullein (Good for respiratory everything, mixed in olive oil it can be used for wounds)
Red Clover (Good for women's things, hormonal stuff, blood purifier)
Yellow Dock (Another bitter herb for blood, liver, skin problems, constipation, respiratory probs)
Dandelion and Burdock root (Powerful Blood Purifiers - Dandelion Root cures Hepatitis C, while Burdock is one of the four ingredients of Caisse Tea which cures many breast cancers.)
Boldo Leaves (stimulates circulation, for liver, anti-parasite, pain and inflammation relief)
Milk thistle (Amazing Liver cleanser (great for after a hangover :)
Lemon Peel - (for inflammation of the stomach, also for scurvy)
Ginger - (Great digestive, increases circulation)
Yerba Mate - (Anti-cancer,
Korean and siberian ginseng - (An adaptogen helps your body deal with stress, means 'All heal' in Chinese medicine)
Gota kola - (An adaptogen, nervine, stimulates circulation, a youth tonic, hypertenision)
Gingko biloba - (Positive effect on memory and thinking in people with alzheimers/dementia, protects against free radicals, improves blood flow). Should NOT be used if you're on anti-depresants or pregnant.
Astragalus root - For diabetes, HIV, Immune system, lungs, adrenals, reduces fatigue, lymphatics.
Foti Root (Hu Shou Wu) - (For kidney, for Yin type folk, wak bones, hair loss, protects against UVB.

The Powdered and Tablet Medicine is from Nature's Plus Cleanse System Kit and was the first thing I used when I started healing myself inside out. It's very good value and yet has everything it it that I wanted. A lot of asthma and eczema is caused from a gut problem so if you cure that your skin/asthma will get better. Also the gut can get forced out of balance by taking antibiotics at a young age, by trauma/stress and tension so often there is an emotional twin to the physical symptoms that needs addressing.

The powder has in it Fiber - Psyllium, Apple Pectin, Butcher's Broom, Bentonite (the only thing that removes mucoid plaque, the lovely stuff that is a beer belly), citurs Pectin, Cellulose, Rice Fiber, Slippery Elm, Oat bran, Beet juice, Prune Fiber, FOS from Chicory, Chitosan, lipase (fat digesting enzyme), culture of B.coagulans.

The tablet has in it:- Butternut, yellow Dock, Blessd Thistle, red Clover, Milk thistle, uva Ursi, Cranberry, Ginger, cascara Sagrada, Hibiscus, Jumiper, Senna, Slippery Elm, Fennel, Cayenne, Dandelion, Parsley, Alfalfa, Fenugreek, Aloe vera, Apple cider vinegar. Green foods - Chlorophyll, Chlorella (bluegreen algae), Spirulina, Irish Moss, Barley grass juice, Pacific Kelp.
I took Nature's Plus initially because it was easy and had great benefits, really helped my eczema/asthma clear up.

So this is my Superhero Cocktail. Hope it gives you some ideas. I wish you luck with yours!

My greatest advice for healing your body and mind though is to go raw. You can find out more here from Philip Mccluskey

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