Friday, 25 June 2010

Helping Refugees in Ecuador with simple design

These 50000 and 120000 needing protection, Columbian refugees face similar problems to all refugees but it is also compounded by the violence and intimidation they still face in the form of assasination, and the oil pollution that is polluting their water supply and causing rising cancer. They face forced recruitment, sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

Oil pollution can be solved by simple living machines that not only clean and purify the water but can even remove oil from contaminated land, to make it usable once again. A by-product of living machines is that they can also supply fuel in the form of methane and therefore electricity using simple generators. Another stage involves aquaculture and food production.

A social result of living machines is that by building them and maintaining them there is also the oppurtunity to become educational centres teaching and raising the standards of their communities and their host countries.

Please see The Emergency Prevention Handbook for more information and www.Raw

Find your way out of Trauma:- The Survivor Warrior Workbook
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