Thursday, 24 June 2010

Painted Eyes - Past Lives and Dreaming

So for those of you with your feet on the ground out there this is a preparatory warning this is one of my more way out stories...

So I don't remember my past lives but apparently the buddha and so did Amma remember theirs so I was like 'I want to know about my past lives' and that night I had a dream...

I dream I am riding a horse ( I was like a native american warrior) except I could fight/see with my eyes closed. I saw through the eyes of an eagle and a Wolf who flew/ran besides me. i was a spectacular warrior because I didn't even have to have my eyes open - its as though I could see an assailants approach energetically and had some kind of fearsome medicine. Anyway in this dream I learnt that my name was 'Painted Eyes'. Now I rarely if ever get names in dreams so I paid attention to this one. And over the next few days and months it kept nagging at me.
Until one day I remembered I'd asked for this because I wanted to know about past lives; so maybe, possibly 'Painted Eyes' could have been real. I thought it was a longshot. But I started researching on the internet.

After along while I came across a reference to 'Painted Eyes - also known as Roman Nose'. Boy did I get excited can you imagine! It said 'PAINTED EYES, Cheyenne Warrior, Roman Nose (Woquini) , (1830-68) Leader of the Plains Indian Wars. He was famed for his long feathered head dress which he believed protected him in battle. He lead the battle of Platte Bridge in 1865 and the War for the Bozeman Trail. He refused to sign the Treaty of the Medicine Lodge Council. He died in the battle known by the Cheyenne as the "Fight When Roman Nose Was Killed".

Wow! I mean Wow. I just dreamt about him. Anyway, regardless of all the questions involved to me dreams are very important, equally to life in many ways and sometimes more so as they infer meaning and inspiration to actual events. Sometimes I even dream things BEFORE they happen but that's another story. Some people think this sort of thing is poppycock but if you've done any traditional training you will know that you can learn telepathy, visioning, far sightedness, to control your dreams and many other wonderful things. Many of us wonder around in a drunken stupor even without alcohol as the breadth of our potential awareness is so vast its impossible to describe.

So anyway this is Roman Nose also known as Painted Eyes (I'd love to know more stories about that name). I did a little more research and discovered how he died. He was shot in the lower back and the shoulder. Now, I happen to have a read a few years ago an article about an investigation into the past lives stories of small children in India and around the world. And one story said that many children displayed physical marks on their bodies on the areas that had been the origin of their previous deaths. If they had been shot they would often have a mole in the same place or places. I dismissed this as you do with a western mind - until I remember I'm not going to know am I? Except that I happen to have a mole on my lower back and my shoulder, hmmm.

Now I love sharing these kinds of stories because I frankly believe our existence is much longer than we think only our independent lives are interrupted by a severing of our awareness not unlike sleep so that we forget who it is we have been. Some small children often remember, even some adults, which can be a little disconcerting for parents...

But I like to think it would one day be nice to remember what we have been like, our loved ones etc? Obviously my desire to know more and to discover these memories came from a wish not to forget the lovely people I have met in this life. I'm very aware that I came into this life not remembering which is sad isn't it, if you've had a whole other life/lives before? But then somedays I forget what happened the day/week before so its not really a surprise, I forget the last life too. I'd love to know your thoughts on these things. Do you think you arrived with already entrenched qualities and perspectives? Were you different from your family? Did you have awarenesses and affinities not given you by your nearest and dearest?

I arrived as a child looking for a fight and was deeply disappointed to find:- A - I was a very small girl and not six-foot-seven-built-like-a-tank-guy and B - there was no fight; the fight was over a long long time ago, hmmm?

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