Thursday, 24 June 2010

Divine Hedonistic and Simple Biscuit Recipe

I made biscuits yay (cant take a pic coz have no camera) but they're yummy.

Makes a bout 20 I think I ate before I counted

8oz flour (I used 5 cereals)
5oz caster sugar
4oz Margarine/Butter
Rub in flour and butter till like breadcrumbs then add sugar. Split into four (for different flavours). Take one piece and add flavouring (grated lemon rind/cinnamon/nutmeg/crushed juniper berries/ginger) to your preference. Add couple of desertspoons of water until its like a stiff paste and then plonk it on a floured surface and roll out thin (use a lot of flour on rolling pin). Cut in circles/shapes and bake on greased tray in oven 220deg/gas mark 6 for 10mins till done. They will harden up as they cool. Make glace icing with lemon juice instead of water (mmm yum) and also melt choc. Then when the biscuits are cold you can decorate them with dollops.
Actually these taste really really yummy. freeze or eat all at once.

You can also add egg to bind and 2oz semolina but they taste GOOOOD anyway so I didn't.
Also you can replace flour with whatever flour you can eat; rice flour etc. And you can replace marge/butter with any fat or oil. Sugar can be replaced with FOS or Lucuma or something.
Always good to chuck a few superfoods in these things. Once you know the basic process for biscuit making - you will always know how to make them...

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