Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Angels are a twittering...

Angels A-Twitter Week!

April 29th is Angela Shelton Day in honor of the the work of Angela Shelton to inspire and empower all survivors of abuse to heal and lead joyful lives. The day was given to Angela from the mayor of her hometown of Asheville, NC in honor of all survivors of abuse, violence and neglect.

Sunday to Sunday April 25-May 2nd we will be doing an
Angel A-Twitter Week.

Here is a video from Angela Shelton on how to twitter.

Angela Shelton Day is the time to share stories of healing and transformation. We will follow 3 powerful stories of male and female survivors for the whole week.

Angela Shelton will start us off during her live Sunday Show on April 24th and recap on the following Sunday.

We will be using the hash tags

#ASDAY10 for Angela Shelton Day 2010
#AOA for Army of Angels

Follow @angelashelton @survivormanual and @thearmyofangels

This event is free to be a part of Angela Shelton Day but to get an official Angela Shelton Day Twitter Ticket - give whatever you can to support the foundation. No need to buy a ticket if you don't have the money. Twittering is free!


Thurs, the 29th, the official Angela Shelton Day, we will find out the outcomes of fhe stories.
Friday the 30th, we will share resources and respect for those who told their stories.
Sat, May 1st, we will celebrate the good stories with a dance party.
Sun, May 2nd, Angela Shelton will recap the week on her live Sunday show.

This is an event to raise awareness and money for the Angela Shelton Foundation that runs The Survivor Manual.

The Army of Angels are doing blogathons, marathons, vlogathons, and months of Joy to raise money for the foundation!

Do you have an idea on how to help inspire and empower more people to lead joyful lives? You can come up with your own creative way to donate to the Angela Shelton Foundation too! Go to First Giving and click "get started" on your creativity.

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